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We are Building Hell

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1 month ago
Topics: Philosophy, Hell

Myself, the beginning of 2019, I used to feel something dark inside. When I try to look deep in darkness, I hear people crying. Everywhere dark and in the darkness, there was a sound of moaning. People crying out aloud expressing their pain, regrets, unfulfilled desires, and wants. This went on and on. Every day it started to get louder and louder. I was very much amazed by the message that I was getting.

I checked my memories, Did sometimes ahead, I call for such?. No! I didn't. I confirmed it that isn't an illusion. So, after it, I started to share with my close relatives and friends. I used to say," Something is coming shortly, that's very deadly and is alarming me. Be careful".

And there Corona appeared.

Was that alarm of Corona? I don't know whether it was or not. But I am getting it nowadays. Now I feel, its illusion created by the mind. But, whatever it is, something is showing me omens. And I believe that the message was not for coronary.

Sometimes, I feel that it is a message of the Third World War. And when I check in the probability of Third world war. I can calculate that the next door will open with the surprise war. We are at the stage as it was in the 1900s. Now, the world needs correction in both political and economic sectors. In political sectors due to the rise of new powers and new forms of power. There is turbulence that needs to be corrected. And in the economic sector, we are in the era of financial capitalism. Finance seeks the open world, but the government wants everything under it. Recently we saw financial institutions are dominating the governments. This is why there is a fear of getting into the world war.

The message that I have been receiving may be alarmed of near war. It's only a possibility. Or it may be some kind of illusion I may have been living.

But, when we contemplate the existing time, what is going on? where the world is going? How are we evolving our self? I can ensure that we are building a perfect trap. The fences stand so strong that it will trap all mankind within them.

How are we creating?

First of all, let us begin with the solar system. In the solar system, only the life that is possible is our planet Earth. On our planet life is possible only due to the presence of water.

In the history of the evolution of life on earth, at first there evolved aquatic animals. They evolved and developed into modern man. Everything that enjoys life is somehow rooted in water. Water is the main source of life on earth. But did humans understand the values of water? No! with the increase in population we are polluting the water resources more than before. And the water cycle in the sea is completely disturbed. This is one of the reasons for climate change.

I want to make a clear point that we humans have ignored the imperative role of water in our lives. Water circulates every living and harvests the seeds of life. This is one of the reasons for the existence of life on the earth. And another one, the most vital one is sunlight.

In astrology, we see the water which is resembled by the moon and is taken as a mother. Whereas the sun is taken as the father. When father and mother meet, there starts a new life.

Sun is hot whereas the water is cold. They are the opposite but they are the roots of life on the earth.

For existence, we need both hot and cold. It is the basic philosophy of life.

But what are we doing? We are limiting ourself in our life. We have ignored the fact and always wanted positive aspects to be adopted and happen in our life. Due to this, we have deepened the pitch of one aspect and we have taken another to the crux.

How much we tilt we will go deep in another. This creates a great swing. Amplitude goes on the increase if we only focused on one side.

We, humans, have failed to maintain this basic law of nature. We humans have become self-centered. This is why we have adopted our principles positions not in the favor of life, the life of all living, but in the favor of self.

Nature tries to give us a message that we have to maintain both sides but here who cares about it? Here, everyone is busy decorating their image. We have drop-down our attributes of humans and evolved into a modern man, without humanity.

This is the reason why, when our desires are fulfilled but we feel something is being missed because in our whole life we only focused on one side of life.

Fulfilling our dreams, we get into the trap of again another target. Life is not the achievement rather it is the enjoyment that one has to develop the art of enjoying. In other words, life can only be understood with the language of love. Once, we develop a connection between existence and self, there starts a life. But we have ignored the inter-relation, interdependence with the existence. This is why we failed to get the life. We fail to recognize the message what life wants from us? We get into a trap of more and more.

In the end days, we are filled with regrets. Regrets of choosing the way to live our life. We will lament about the deeds that are accomplished and also which remained there untouched. This is not because we choose to live in that way?. This is because we never try to understand the essence of life.

We never tried to solve the question,


We, humans, die without figuring out "what life is?". We waste our life without knowing it. And end ourselves without knowing who were we? No one emphasizes " who am I?". When we don't know ourselves, life, and natural law, how can we claim that we are living? It is something like we are in some kind of system that is going on and on.


What is death? One has to understand it. In our daily lives, we sleep and get up in the morning. Many researchers claim that when we get up in the morning, our mental condition will be the same as it was before we get into sleep. And death is also a kind of sleep but in death, we don't get awake in the same body.

Now you may think, is it possible that we will get another life?

I will try to give you a simple example. If you find it convoluted ignore it.

There is one law of nature that is based on the consequences. Whatever happens here, everything will be the result of the last moment. What happens now relies on the deeds that happened a moment ago. It is not like everything happens with the surprise. Here, everything happens based on consequences. So, when we are blessed with life, it is not a surprise party that we attained and got life. It is that we fulfilled some of the conditions and got life and born.

If everything was not based on consequences then, I would also have ignored the fact of the next life. But it is. So believe me or not you will get it again another life to realize the message of nature. And I believe it goes on and on.

Okey! If you don't believe me, no worries, I can go another way.

Suppose you are about to die, whole life you have been planning to donate something for orphans but you haven't. Now what happens you will get driven by that desire. And with that desire, you die.

Here, do you believe that everything will turn out to be memories at the end of the day? Don't need you to answer, at last everything will remain only in the memories. Now, your memories get concentrated and spread in the atmosphere. And it goes on finding possibilities from where it can fulfill its desire.

Again your memories will get into human form to fulfill your past desire.

Okey! Okey! You are again not convinced by my words. This time I will be simple,

When we are born, we are bare hand and naked. And when we die, we die bare hands and naked. This is the physical world. What about the psychological world? You come empty-mind and when you die you are filled.

What nature wants is who you are born you have to die in the same way. To drop down the extra earned memories, again nature gives another chance .i.e another life.

I can ensure that you will be blessed with life but I can't say in what form?

In this way, we will get the next chance again and again but the system that we developed can't make us free. We are always given a second chance but our paradigms are overruled by money and power. In such a milieu, there is no way out to die forever but I believe we are preparing our self-making fences stronger and stronger day by day, from where there is no return.

Isn't THAT A HELL?????

I believe that what message I have been getting is no other than the message of hell

After a long long time, there won't be any water and sun available anymore so that you will get another chance. At that moment, inside the darkness, you will be moaning, crying out of pain, out of unfulfilled desires, regrets. You will not get another chance at that moment.

When I try to imagine the situation, that exactly matches the message I have been getting.


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Written by   102
1 month ago
Topics: Philosophy, Hell
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It is a good article to get us to think philosophically is our life.

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1 month ago

Thank you for your time.

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1 month ago

Sometimes it is good to sit and reflect on the past and present in our lives.

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1 month ago

I can feel you

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1 month ago

Nice good job sir

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1 month ago

Thank you for your words. 😁😀

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1 month ago