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The Life is Waiting for Your Return

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2 months ago
Topics: Life

Breaking the darkness, there I reached a river of dreams. I have brought many kinds of dreams with myself, some were related to my self, some were related to my family, some were of my in-laws. And most common between all was to earn much more money. Also at one corner of dreams, there was a dream of my beloved. When I opened it, it was written by the ink of tears as, "EARLY RETURN".

How fast the time moves on, I feel like it was just yesterday, we were married. But now we have one daughter of around a year old. It always amazes me when I see my past life I feel like they were only dreams. There I stand with the dreams in the world of dreams in front of the river of dreams.

There was a boat on the bank. I looked here and there there was no sign of anyone. I need to cross the river. So, I jumped into the boat and started to row. While I was rowing I could hear a wolf howling at a far distance away. I feel there are also hunting for the stomach of their own and their family.

Whether it be humans or animals, we have to live for this stomach. We have our commitments to beloved ones to make their life filled with happy moments every moment possible and in return, she makes a vow to look after the house and the family.

A small light far away, the silent night, cold wind, the boat, and the small tides of the streams, sometimes some animals making noise to make me feel about their presence and myself was on the landscape.

Beyond the darkness, far far away I could see the small spark of light. My mind whispers that are the initial point that I have to achieve to make my steps forward to the world on the other side. I have to rule life, for it, I have to know the depth of life, without knowing it how can I rule life? For this, the first step was to catch the light that is calling me. At the moment, the only hope of grabbing the dream that I carried was to lie on the light.

The darkness that had covered all the area was giving me company and was encouraging me that I can make it through everything. The cold wind that touches me brings me the message of my family. I ask it," Did my daughter sleep? Is my beloved still there with eyes full of tears? Do my father and mother are missing me?".

Oh, and those streams, ups, and downs were an indication of ups and downs in my world. I could memorize my childhood where there was not a single drop of worries. All that I want were fulfilled by my mum and dad. Now, this is my time, I have to fulfill my obligations.

In the meanwhile, I see the boat that I have been riding and thank it. It was only the way to go across the river. And feel sorry for the owner, who would be angry when he knows that someone took it without his permission.

And I search my bag and check the food that I was carrying to have on the way. Two roti and curry. I have them both and start to grow again.

The whole day walking and midnight rowing makes me tired. And there I just stop rowing and take a rest. I fell asleep.

In the morning, the birds singing making everything aware of the morning wake me up. When I get up, raise my head to see where I am?. I was in the same place. The whole night I rowed a boat that was knot to a near tree. I rowed a whole night, which turned out to be futile at the end.

At that moment, I got an answer, "WHAT IS LIFE?". I returned to my family. Now, we are bound with love.

Thank you, .......

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Written by   121
2 months ago
Topics: Life
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