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Success and The Imbalance

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1 year ago
Topics: Success, Imbalance

In mathematics, there is a subject "Time and Work" which made me realize one fact that if we go on adding workers we can complete building within an hour. Mathematically, it is possible but on landscape of reality it is not possible. This fact that in a theory it is possible but in pragmatic ground it is not possible. But as we are humans we have nature to see impossible to happen in a miracle way without considering on the ground of reality. This is why we easily fall in trap of sudden upliftment concept. I will like it to be coined as ," Jump concept"

When we are with some $1 -2 , we will be always in a hope of miracle of happenings something great like finding bundles of money lying on the way, winning a big jackpot with purchase of one lucky ticket, someone by mistake sends huge money to one's bank account, this and that.

This is one way of raising our status of economic indicator with certain jump and we gain huge amount.

In addition to this, there is also a way. I would like it to be called " constructive concept". First have $1 and add another $ go on doing it. One day you will end up with huge amount.

There are two concepts for the upliftment 
1. Jump concept
2. Constructive concepts

These are the ways for rising our economic condition.



For a poor family, $1 have some values and for billionaires $1 have some other value. It's not same in all cases. For a poor family, earning a house may be taken as successful story but what to those who are blessed with houses?

Success can't be defined with the fixed targets, objectives. But can be seen with the enhancement concepts.

Among two concepts( mentioned above), in my view , success I referred by the constructive concept. We put our effort, time and devotion to add $1 to $1 every moment possible is what we understand by success. This is only one way of seeing success in terms of addition. But sometimes jump concept facilitates the success progress.

If we set some goals and achieve it, we will also called it as success.

Thus, upliftment in standards on economic indicators in ones life which is result of hard work and also achieving certain targets or objectives is known as success. If we believe success in this way, there appears to be two forms of success.

  1. Absolute success

    This is way of starting from zero and keep on adding. This is vertical concept. It includes both concepts (jump and constructive). Poor boy does some hard working to attain some upliftment in standard of living.

  2. Relative success

    It holds expansion concept, horizontal concept. You have something in your hand and expand it's dimensions. Increase in profits with the expansion of branches of business.

Most important elements of success

Coming to this point, it is clear that there are three important things to be taken into consideration while dealing with success.

  1. Initial phase

  2. Action

  3. Achievement and result

In until phase, we try to find our our condition. Our lacunae , our lacks,our desires , wants and aspirations. And we set a road map for it's achievement where our imagination, dreams plays most prime role. Now we set our goals and move into action which is next stage.

In action, this is process phases where we do actions, perform our tasks to achieve our goals and objectives. Thus is the most important part of success as it connects initial and final and decides what will be out come of performed deeds.

Last part is the result, our achievement. Here, we enjoy in our success.

But Does success only limited to addition and achievements? Does it only mean gain with some pain? Does it means only to this?

To understand with this we need to go back to the time from where we started .



First of all, if we dig into the human history, it is clearly visible that we started from caveman (stone age ) to modern man. Every evolution phase was driven by shift in paradigms.

When we were in caves, we used to do living by hunting. Our main objectives was to gather food for living. We used to go out and hunt and bring some food. Our lives were as animals. At that time, successful life was to live with food security. Some seasons like winter where there used to be scarcity of food which made humans to search for other sources of food. This change in assumptions leded to the development of farming. People started to live in groups in houses in a society. Till that day, food was the main focused.

With development of farming, everywhere there wasn't available of fertile land which paved the way for the development of market system. First market were created in order to make flow of goods and commodity. This started accumulation concept in human history.

Coming to this phase, we started to experience shift in assumptions. Now, people started to think about production as well as accumulation. This accumulated concept gave birth to the luxurious goods. Then, we started to earn which is linked up with goods.Coming to 1970, now market started to distribute services. And at the present time our lives are fully rely on market products.

At the present time, we can also define success as gaining the position of stakeholders in market place. Making positions, holding share in market is also as one way of seeing success.


Market place where we get all the profits, gains, incomes focuses on the indicators of economic sectors. Market is the place which measures the standard of our livings. Therefore, our success is fully depended upon the market.

Before making another point, I would like to mention here that success is related related to our life. Till now we have been seeing it with market prospective which focuses on enhancement in standard of living.

Our life is made up of outside world and inner world. Till now, we discussed subject matters i.e. gains, achievement, upliftment, all are the outer world. But what about the inner world?

Modern man who are only focused to the outside world sees everything with comparison. "I have Rolex watch , See! Hi, he is using 2-3 dollar watch". Watch are for time but we have given the value of watch not to the importance of time. If it is 1 am in $1 watch , it will also be 1am in $1000k watch. All we want is time not the watch. But honestly speaking we want watch not the time. We want pompous life rather than simple life.

In the era of financial capitalism and Globalization, institutions are playing influenctial roles and are capturing market shares. With such milieu, we have surrendered ourself to the capitalism. We only believe now is that success is confirmed to the outside. And inside world awaits the knock on it's door?


Inner world seeks for values of success. It is mainly focus on satisfaction. If you have $1 in a pocket are you satisfied? If you are homeless ? Hungry? Are you satisfied? If yes ,it's okey.

Lightening up a candle to cut down darkness may it be success in one sense. But if you want more and more intense flux of light and go on inventing tungsten bulbs to led bulbs you are not satisfied but need another bulb with less energy consumption which provides much brightness. Such success give birth to new technology. And these technology doesn't comes with satisfaction because it is the by product of unsatisfied minds.

If there is no left of jealousness inside and also if there dies the egocentric part of positions then humans are blessed with satisfaction. It is what the inner world wants wants to be.


Outside success is way of attachments . It seeks more and more . To balance it inner world plays a role. In inner world success plays a role of detachment.

Outside world seeks more income, profits, facilities, services. Inner world says "please I am satisfied I don't need it". Outer world wants you to run and run but inner world wants you to stop.

If we can't create balance between inner world of satisfaction and outside world of wanting more and more we can not find any stopping point. As mentioned above, three phases of success , we will be going round and round of it. Some times without completion of one task we create another in the middle. We go on and on. We never get a chance to enjoy the pleasure which evolves after the satisfaction.

In the era of capitalism , inner world awaits everyone to knock it's door. But no one will be there? Everyone are always running behind money , money and money. There is imbalance between inner world and outer world. This is why we are experiencing humanity on the verge of extinction.

At the nutshell, I would like to say that balance is the way of life. If we fail to live a balance life we will also lose our life. Life gets away from our hand. We will remain as a part of some machinery system, not a part of natural system.

Thank you. For having you time🤗🤗

This much for today....

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Written by   155
1 year ago
Topics: Success, Imbalance
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Life is always about finding balance.We try to move forward and thus live our values and achieve our goals,while maintaining balance in all areas.It is important to understand that we have to walk this path alone and that others can not help us.No one can breathe,think,feel,see,experience,love or die instead of us.It is up to us how we balance all areas of our lives.

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1 year ago

Yeah , what you said is true.

Life is all about balancing. But knowing the fact , we make ourself to favour on one side that is why in my opinion we face much more ups and down?

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1 year ago