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Stop Making Rich People Richer

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5 months ago
Topics: Economy

Everybody knows that money is essentials to one's life. But we forget that it is not the fundamentals of life. We can live without it too. It is that we made our life so complicated that now we can even think a second without the money. Hiking, we need money, Movie? We need money, visit? We need money. For us now nothing is possible without money. Seeing these all, I am a science student, I felt let's give some time to the glow of money of markets. Thus, I started my journey to the economy subject.

When we see the history of the economy, in old age (stone age) there was no trade. People use to live on their efforts and hunting skills, where we used to live depending only upon the animals for food. Jn every cycle of life we used to face scarcity of food. This, we figured out foods from plants and also we recognised to plant a seed and harvest it. This changed the concept of people, we started the accumulation phase. With time, we started exchanging our accumulated goods items. This we started with the exchange market. Later we put the reference in the market and started as gold. We produce exchange with gold and use it when it is necessary.

As time went on, we begin to expand, our accumulation turning into an asset (our holdings), we were attracted to foreign lands, now we started an ear of mercantilism. Later, people gather together formed an institution and started to invest which started the era of industrialisation. This institution started to grow up, people started to become rich day by day, there seeded a new concept of individualism. This, a new concept came up with CAPITALISM.

Today's world is ruled by capitalism and we are in financial capitalism phases. Where financial institutions play an important role in our economy. That was a short review of the history of economics

Knowing this all, I was attracted by the share market which is the heart of financial capitalism.

I started to learn about markets how they are manipulated by people. I spend two years reading it all but couldn't find any clue, this felt now let's play with candles.

I started my journey to know the heart of financial capitalism with shares because it was the heart and I have to figure out the patterns of how it beats.

Slender time in learning candles, formations, patterns, uptrend, low trends, resistance and support. I first started as normal people thinking, for this, I took a very simple rule that is


It took me two to three months to realize the rule. It seems simple but it is not. Always be careful with it. I started to do trade with these rule.

Here, is the main point. This is why we are making them rich again and again. How?

This strategy is to earn a profit. This is what the institution plays with us.

Last time, on a DOGE day, before it one whale was selling one million worth of don't in every 15-25 minutes.

That took a market down and down, he was doing it when the price was about $0.40-43. Coming to don't a day, the whale made the market down to $0.26-27.

After, that the price surge up and reached $0.74-75.

I figure out that the whales and institutions know how we play?

How do we play?

1. Being driven by sentimental

Our mind always fools us in our hard time, when we see ourselves in a lost position, now the mind becomes active and gets illusions itself into getting further more loss and gets into the problem of panic sell.

And the big investors have so much money that they can manipulate our market and plays with our sentiments.

2. We play being a reference to money

This is another great weakness of ours in the play.

We buy a coin at $1. And keep on seeing it on its values, when it goes up we feel I am earning making some. If we go down we feel we are is lost. But know it


it's not true, just think in this way, from today,


This is a correct statement.

Now, knowing these points, bigger investors manipulated our markets making a false dip, promoting rumours. See the crypto markets, etherum, ripple were not performing well but what happened now? It's a trap.

A trap to swallow a small fish. Now shall we stop doing trading then?

No, do trading but changing the concept.

The concept must be changed because our old concept which is


is making them rich and rich again and again. Because they create a dip. And they again buy taking down the market they take such dept that we are made to do panic sell and if they buy at some points lowers they will get huge profits.

Now, it is time to realised that we must change the concept. of ours.

And I think the best way to do trading is about the number of coins we have. If we do so, we never have to worry about the price of coins, whether there be a huge dip or high tip. We must only move with the reference of the anointing we hold, not the price that we hold.

And this is what I knew after losing some thousands of dollars. This is why 98% of traders especially new ones gets up in the trap of whales making them richer and richer and goes on repeating again and again. We are making them on our weakness.

This is how we act on the crypt as well as on the stock market.

And also look in our lives, we have lost the rationality. And we choose to live showy lives. We believe that expensive cars are the trademark of our successful journey which is the weakness of ours that we make essentials of our life as fundamental ones. Can't we live without that tesla car, Amazon which is promoting foreign items in our local markets, do we need them? Do we need those all?

No, we don't need them, but we are modern human, feels great when we carry iPhone in one hand and roles on another hand.

We are becoming rich no doubt but making others richer and richer day by day. Because of it, we have blown the bubble bigger and bigger and making the gap larger and larger day by day.

Now it is time to be rational, think about the other poor peoples too. We need to be aware of the trap created by bigger whales, institutions, investors. Now, lets be rational.

Thank you,

For your time...

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Written by   154
5 months ago
Topics: Economy
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