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Silence: The ultimate path

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8 months ago
Topics: Silence

One man won the lottery, he was asked by his friend," HOW DID YOU WIN IT?". He replied," In my dream, I saw I was grazing 10 cows, 10 buffalo, and 10 gates. And while taking the ticket I thought 10*3=27, so I asked ticket number 27. And here I won it".His friend was shocked to hear the answer. His friend responded," 10*3=30, Not 27". The man thought for the second and replied trying to cover his mistake," Mathematic is not important, I won the important lottery".

We, humans, stand on the logical mind, we want to decode everything that is going on. But we end up in some absorb reasons. The above one illustrates that whatever be the situation, at the end of any conversation one needs to be a winner. Here, I am trying to the convenience that," without knowing the reality we just keep on talking and talking. Sometimes we go beyond your stupidity.

On the other hand, the world what is going on? can be described as standing in any position. Suppose, the sun rises in the morning. Some can say, whole night nature will the resting again to give pace sun rises to wake up this nature. While others can also say the sun only seems to be rising but in reality, out doesn't rise. It is just the illusion that is created by the rotation of the earth around its axis. Some others say by attaching duties of the sun to provided heat and energy to the existence. And some also can see from the perspective of taking the sun as a god. God performing for humanity. What always amazes me is that people every time take the same example but the outcomes are taken in that direction which is in favor of them.

Not only with the sun, but we can also go with every entity of existence, we can define or provide millions and millions of logics to anything.

This is why? Religious logics are hard to be questioned. Who is God? Where is he? Heaven and hell?. No one knows the reality here, what we do is? Just make assumptions on certain positions and try to explain everything in it. This is what our religion is doing to date. Can you prove them wrong? No! We can't because no one knows the reality here. No one is dropped from hell or heaven. No one can make us see God? Talk with him directly?

This is what is going on with religious people. They have been speaking the same from the past till date without any strong base. They stand on their holy scripts but they never doubt them. They believe that they are the words of God, so they feel there is nothing to question with God. And in our times, we have killed ourselves. We have killed based on possibilities that humans can achieve.

Turned the pages of history before Jesus Christ there were many messages, many enlightened ones who were there to make believe the humanity that there are possibilities to break this chain and live in a higher dimension and after Jesus, our motherly earth has stopped producing anyone further. Now our mother earth also doesn't see any chance of making humans transcend to a higher dimension so she has closed the door. We people also never tried to open it.

Once there was a lazy servant, his master wants to replace him. On seeing a proper time.

Master:" There are many works and I think you can't manage them. So, I am thinking of a new servant"

Servant: " yeah! There are lots of work here. Only one can't do it. At least you need two servants".

This is how the world is going on. One person's intention is something and the other ones manipulated it in its favor. The problem is his laziness but the servant sees the problem rise in the number of works.

This is with religious people the following everything without a doubt.

But what are so-called intellectuals are doing?. Newton first coined the term gravity where he defined as the force that pulls the other towards their center. Everything was going great by coming to the mid-1950, there arose a Quantum theory. Now scientists started to see everything in a quanta form. Newton's couldn't remain intact for long there started a race to find the quanta form of gravity. Without finding it, scientists gave its name Graviton. Not to only too this, all properties have been successfully calcium! cited. Everything is ready now, but the funny thing is that there is no graviton to wear that ready-made clothes.

Wherever is going on whether it be with orthodox peoples or with unorthodox people everything is perplexed now. The world has become so complicated now that everything exists in a dual form.

Both theories one being complementary to another and the real one exists at the same time reference. The sun rises also the sun never rises both exist. and we can't distinguish the real one. Both are true.

To know or to speak this one is the truth, we must find out the truth. And we know that truth doesn't lie in words, it lies in understanding. When one understands the truth now it can't be transferred to another because what it knows can't be completely transferred to the receiver. Therefore, what is written in holy scripts is misspelled and also misinterpreted. And the basic principle positions of our life stand upon this errand.

What dow we speak here all are false. Nothing is true. Not only to this, but researchers have also found that about 98℅ of our talks will be of futile subject matters. If we stand on this, we can close that we are the talkbox which goes on speaking, making noises being away from the center point.

In addition to this all, if we keep on talking false it seems to become truth. So one day we can not say whether it is true?


If we keep on talking, there happen twos things: one we talk and simultaneously we listen. Both ways strengthen us to believe it. If we keep on talking we will go away in higher pace from the reality.

To know the reality, we must try to remain silent. Why? It is because our mind is covered with clouds of thoughts. If we can clear our thoughts, there will appear the light of sun which will show the path to the truth.

Thank you, for your time.....

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Written by   155
8 months ago
Topics: Silence
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