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3 months ago
Topics: Satisfaction

The world is full of precious gems that have been hanging outside our rooms challenging us to go there and pick them up. And the most amazing thing is that every generation in the history of mankind whether it be in the stone age or the modern age with modern people, everyone has the aspiration to drive into the oceans and come with a handful of gems, every generation tried but no one succeeds to bring such a huge amount that could satisfy its succeeding generations. But whenever someone returned they brought the bag full of challenges and responsibilities to the next generations.

When I was small I used to feel someday, I will grow up with the lantern in one hand, I will search for a way to mine the gems.

But when I collected the gem and returned home, I could fulfil the shortage of family, my wife's ears were filled with golds, and my children were with new clothes. My mother changed her old saree, My daddy worn a new cap after this long. As time went on, my earn was vacant, pockets dried up now the family started to raise their volume, what could they do? Every hope relied on them

This time I set a journey again to hunt some gems, but with the mind that I have to collect more than before because my family have tasted, had learned what can they do with the full pockets.

They gave me the benediction to earn more. And do you know this time, I took some loans from the bank to buy modern machines for drilling purpose, metal detector for not letting go of any efforts. I want to be more efficient than before because now I have higher desires than before.

At night, when cold winds blow coming from the lakeside and touch my checks goes near to my ears and whispers, " Are you alright?".

" my family cares for me, they love me because all hope stands on me but what if I close my eyes, hands, legs or I become useless just a log on next moment, Do I get the same care as they are doing it now?", I replied.

( the wind went, away without a word. I could see the tears dropped on the ground and it was of the wind.)

However hard we try? How experienced we be? How knowledgeable we are? We never can fill the pouch that we carry with us. With an empty pocket, I make myself fill with some amount. At first, I try with Rs. 1, after some time I start to think what if my Rs 1 turns to Rs 10. Now, the desires born and start to put effort and we end running after desires and wants. This goes to billions but we are never satisfied. We see ourselves with some vacant space in the pouch that we hold.

Due to these unsatisfying desires within ourselves, every time we hit the bull eyes of our targets we find ourselves standing with some vacant space on our pouch. (Never filled) and the most amazing thing about the subconscious mind is that it feels when the pouch becomes filled I am satisfied. But that never becomes.

Every time we are brought back to the same situation as we were at the start of our journey. This is to realise that the centre of satisfaction lies somewhere, but we ignore it, we find now challenging ourselves to get to the next step which is higher than the previous one.

If we keep on going on and on, in this way we will be satisfied only lying inside six feet below the ground. But I doubt here, whole life we have been practising of being unsatisfied, we never tasted the taste of satisfaction, after death it to is not possible. Whatever one becomes in next life or doesn't become but whenever he or she goes she will take her unsatisfactory energy and spreads in the existences. This is why unsatisfaction is rooted on?

Our unsatisfaction attributes are the gift of our ancestors and we have also cultivated them well. The fruits are tasty.

Can we be satisfied?

Let us try to search for this answer in the book of history. Time back to the Alexander. Alexander was aware of Diogenes who was older and was well know over his kingdom. While Alexander set his journey to win the world before the invasion of Modern India, Alexander meets Diogenes:

Diogenes: Where are you heading to?

Alexander: To India

Diogenes: After India?

Alexander: Asia

Diogenes: After Asia?

Alexander: world

Diogenes: after world?

Alexander: Do rest

Diogenes: At the end, you will be doing rest, why don't you come with me and rest. What this much effort you are putting on just to rest? Come lie down, have a rest.

The message is clear that satisfaction is possible with stopping our journey, as Diogenes states.


The wind without turning back makes its lives away from me. No one is here in this life feels and worries for another being. Everyone is attached to their interest.

Now, I have two ways, either I leave away all these attachments with the family, with this world and move on or I continue myself.

As Diogenes words, resting is not possible, at the present condition. What can be the best solution?

Now, from today I will see the world through the broad picture. I will take my family interest as compensation for their sacrifice of me. I will think that their sacrifice can't be paid in this life. So I try till I can make it.

These thoughts will be going on my mind, they went again returning whispers on my ear," now you have to know the reality, you have grown up matured". And goes away.

And I make my way to the tent for sleep and with the hope to see my family in their dreams.

The life continues........

While satisfaction lies in changing the perspective of our positions. We need to see things in a bigger landscape.

Here, I have presented two ways of satisfaction.

  1. Stopping desires wants, (no more aspirations)

  2. Changing the perspective.

And I haven't mentioned here about the philosophical point of view like exploring the inner world? Knowing self? Getting dissolve in existence?

How hard I try my effort to make you understand these concepts you will end up being annoyed. So, I escaped them.


Satisfaction always is not taken as a good thing to attach to because it makes a negative impact on evolution. Human evolution or any kind of change is only possible with the unsatisfied mind.

This, I believe that at the age of 20-25 being satisfied can have negative impacts on to rest of your life we need to be unsatisfied at that age and after 60 we must find satisfaction. Otherwise, we will end with some sad ending.

Thank you


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Avatar for Lawa1988
Written by   154
3 months ago
Topics: Satisfaction
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I agree, don't focus on that one place and be satisfied since there are a lot of things waiting for us until we reach and say "this is it" the real satisfaction. More articles and God bless.😇

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3 months ago

The world is controversial we can go either the way good or bad, whatever it is we need to be satisfied with it.

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3 months ago