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QUESTIONs: fundamentals and mine

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3 months ago
Topics: Questions

The sun shining on the zenith, the moon at the night, the flowing wind, those water molecules flowing in the rivers, and those adamant mountains standing day by night can have many types of questions of their own. And we humans have our questions. We can have questions like, at the first hand who am I? Why I am here? What is my role in this life? These are the basic questions which remain there all the times but some questions ccomewith time what am going to next?

All have questions, this we can ask ourselves a question:

Why do we ask a question? Do we need to be answered? Who will answer our questions? What happens when our question reminded unanswered?

Let's start our engine, gear it up and take a flight on every aspect of the Questions:


What is it?

Let's go with an example:

1) A playing small child asks his parents," Mum why sugar is sweet?". The mother replies: " it is made from sugarcane this is sweet". The whimsical child moves his focus to his toys and starts to play.

2) A boy of around 20-25/years old, ask himself," what professions suit me?". His mind answers," Teacher". The mind analyses the answer, sees some experiences being a teacher, feels awkward. " No engineer will be better". Again he asks," is an engineer better than a teacher?".

3) A businessman asks his M.D, " is there a better way than this?". The M.D. replies," yes, there is but we need some amendment in our policies"

4) An old man of 80, asks his company: " what is life?". And his friend replies

These are the four types of questions that provides us with the fundamental ground for understanding the question.

  1. Child: Questions are asked just for answers, no further more analysis. Only the reason, because the subject is unaware of any reasons. Just want to know the reason.

  2. Boy: Question is asked to choose the better option. To.get attached to the suitable option.

  3. Adult: Questions are asked to explore the hidden dimensions. Like scientific research, Business, professions...

  4. Old: Questions are asked to know how others think about the subject matter, both parties know the answer. If they differed, then they start to conscience one another.

Now, we can answer, the question, " what is mean by question?"

The question is the statement of enthusiasm, intention, doubts, convincing, expressed in ok order to explore furthermore of our knowledge, and positions. In simple words, questions are questions asked to explore the reasons logics, situations, and condition of the subject matters.

What are the fundamentals of questions?

Generally, questions come with three entity,

  1. Asker

  2. Question (subject matter)

  3. Answer

May questions seek answers but there are also some questions which are not answered till now.

Like the questions of scientific researches why the earth has to pull all the matters towards its centre?

And the question asker and answer giver may not be two people always some times we ask a question to self and answer own self. This for a question we can say fundamentally there must be some subject and a person or anything asking question i.e asker.

MY Question That was never solved

When I was small I was very fascinated with the metaphysical world. I used to spend hours and hours just asking a question to myself, who am I? What am I doing here? What is the purpose of our life? , overall it was all about finding self, knowing self.

I tried to get an answer from every aspect of life, every perspective of life, I have studied holy scripts, listened to many gurus but didn't found the answer. I was always missing in my life.

Life comes with three prospectives:

1) we are bound to destination, what we do is already destined in this life.

2) the concept just opposite to the first one that is we are free to our will here. Freedom is what we possess.

3) Neither being bounded, not being free but third prospective is the principle of consequences. We are the result of the previous moment, thus we act to give the result of the previous effect.

If I follow separately all the prospectuses to find myself, every time I end up bare hands and question just remains untouched.

I tried hundreds of times to find out the answer of who am I?, sometimes I get to stop making a position that I am my brain, sometimes I as my soul and sometimes I as my body. While if I all combined it too, I am always missing here in my life.

I never got a chance to know the answer to my question, and the journey to finding out the answer is going on and on to date.

This is my try for the entry to the prompt of @JonicaBradley about the questions

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Written by   154
3 months ago
Topics: Questions
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Did not you got some one to ask this kind of question ? Anyway , this is look like you are talent since your childhood and hope now a days you are not facing any problem like this!

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3 months ago

I am a talent f4on childhood no doubts but the t4uth is that I was for myself.

Nowadays, there too are questions but they go away at the same speed as they appeared.

Now I am without a question, nor with a answer just a blank. Silent

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3 months ago