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Never see a Dream, If You, don't make it go Futile

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2 months ago
Topics: Dream, Life, Philosophy

When we see our life in a subtle insight, we find life is moving on on its own. We don't need to indulge in it, it goes on and on. We take the starting point from our birth and ending point as our death. As everyone knows that both birth and death are not in our hands. Birth is a consequence of love between parents where death occurs with the dysfunction of our body. Both happen on their own. This it is relevant to ask oneself that, both the birth and death, start and end is not in our hand, How can a life be in our Hand? (life here means the period between from birth to death). Therefore, all the three, birth, death, and life are not in our hands.

Now when we see our deeds it's all related to the environment that we grow up in. The world is divided into two on this basis, the Eastern world and the Western world. The eastern world stands on its norms and values whereas the western has its norms and values. The eastern world from the ancient period flourished on philosophy and the western world on innovation. Our societies are based on these norms and values which guides our prospectives while seeing the world.

Our every action depends upon our positions which are the result of the environment that we are brought up. Now you may be thinking that in the same environment two people will not have the same positions. That's true, but again ow one will depend upon who energies get exchanges between oneself and with the environment.

Now again, how energies exchanges don't need your permission it happens on itself. Everything happens here on its own.

If everything is happening here, what is our role?

Well, everything is enjoyable on its own. Finding our role in this is a kind of stupidity. We don't any role here. Everything goes on and on as it is designed to go on its track.

As I know, you need an answer, we don't have a role that does not satisfy you. Don't worry I have an answer for you.


A medium, where nature plays its role to maintain balance within self. Nature always tries to maintain balance but its constituents try to disturb it and again nature puts an effort to maintain the balance.

Where there happens to be imbalance there needs an effort to be introduced. This effort is done through the medium.

Who is the medium?

Everything that comprises nature is the medium. We people are also one of the entity this we too are the medium.

When humanity loses its track, there someone will appear to bring it back to its track. This is the one of reality.

This is why in Mahabharat Lord Krishna says to Arjun," whenever there is a breach in dharma I will appear to restore it". Hindu people understood this and codified it in Mahabharat. In addition to this, when we see deeply in nature we find that exactly the opposite of lord Krishna's words to holds i.e "whenever there is balance, Gods appears to disturb it".

This is why when there is peace something or someone like Hitler will appear and when there are conflicts, disputes going on there appear Gautam Buddha.

Whatever it is, everything will happen on its own whether it be balanced or imbalanced nature acts based on change where we stand being medium in the process of change.

Nature seeks to change and puts efforts into it.

Christians realized this and wrote it in the bible,

"Ecclesiastes 1-6, Life is useless"

Life is useless in the sense that we are not the actors we are just the medium where nature acts upon us for the change. We don't need to do anything everything goes on and on its way.

Whatever we do here underneath the sky out effort can't change the rules of nature.

But we believe we are the actors and we try to act on our own. We indulge our self into the system of nature. And whatever we do, at last, it turns to be the act of nature.

Everything seems to be under our control but we will not recognize the fact that we are the ones who are controlled.

If everything is on its own, shall we have to see the dream? Shall we need to put effort?

Whether we see a dream or not, and also if we fulfill our dreams or not, we being the medium we can't influence nature. We can't impact.

When I see our life, I see that it is absurd to see a dream here. As our life is useless here. But, when we see a dream that indicates that nature wants to accomplish something through us. Nature wants to change through us.

Thus, in my opinion in the going on a process where we are not the actors, we must see a dream. A dream to influence to change. The change will occur anyhow. And with mindful standing as we are the medium, if we see a dream, we must not make that dream go futile. We must accomplish it.

We must never dream here in this life. We must enjoy life with a mindful mind being aware of what is going on? This is the price point to be understood.

But as we are only the medium of nature, if we see a dream, we must not let it go. We must get up and fulfill it. We must not let it go. We must fulfill it at any cost by any means. When a person sees a dream, he must understand that nature is preparing a change through him.

If you light up a candle, you need to get up and search for other means to break the darkness before the candle goes off. If we don't we will lose the candle as well as the opportunity provided by a candle.

This is same the way. Never light the candle, Don't ever light it. If you light it, get up, stand up utilize the light otherwise you are wasting everything that can make a grant another great opportunity.

This, it is better not to light a candle at the very first. If we light it, we must not let the candle go off without grabbing the opportunity.

Therefore, my dear friends remember never to see a dream. Never. If you, never leave without accomplishing it, because you have been chosen. When you are chosen to get it, it is your chance. Remember, when you are chosen if you don't act, they never search for the next option.

At last again, I repeat never to dream.

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Written by   121
2 months ago
Topics: Dream, Life, Philosophy
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