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Nature Plays The Music, I Dance In That Music

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4 months ago
Topics: Dance, Nature, Music

Moon which resembles our mind in astrology rotates around the earth which is our living place. And again, earth revolves round the sun. Again sun totes around the center of milky way galaxy. If we see future see the families of galaxies also we find that our galaxy too rotates makes some galatic center.And if we observe a tiny particles below the Nano scale, we find that again, electrons are revolving around the nuclear center.

Whether it is the tiny particles which are the fundamentals matters to this universe of the very bulky matters everything rotates around some center.

On the other side, everything around our vicinity whether that may be singing birds or may be some barking dogs, those mountains lies far away which stands there out of my window, that wind coming from distant places carrying the smell of everything mixes within certain packet of energy, everything must also acts with certain center. As we have seen that there must be certain center?

Where does that center lies?

The center is ourself.

I am the center of this whole universe . I act accordingly to everything that are going around.

Everything is going on outside but they are making impacts within me. And I act accordingly.


Those galaxies which are the biggest entities that exist which makes up the universe also impacts on me.


In our universe there is process of formation and newly birth of star is going that process there is super Nova explosion, gamma day trust and formation of black holes. If any of this happens near to us it will surely wipe out the life on earth.

Scientist believes that there happens two wipe outs in earth before us. First one was believed to be wiped out by gamma burst where second that is of dinosaur was vanished with the collision of comets.

It will be rational to conclude that the movements in bulk level also impacts on the life in our earth.

Now , if something happens in far far away in universe since they impacts life's in earth and also the center of the existence of ourself, our mind which is the way that connects our body and Existence comes under influence.

Coming to this point, can't we make argument that universe is performing on it's own tune and we are acting i.e dancing within the tune?

If someday there stops the music , we too stop to dance.

The Sun and Moon

When we see , on the reference of plane and see all there then we find that moon is tilt and elevates 5degree. Due to this reason , it gets direct expose to the sun and reflects the light coming from sun that makes us to see moon shining.

The sun

The earth goes round the sun and with this revolution we get to experiences different seasons on here on the earth. With variation of seasons we too act accordingly.

It's that seasons that guides us how we must behave. In summer we are bit energetic where in winter we are lazy type.

Isn't this a music that sun has been playing and we are acting on that music? Isn't it we are dancing?

Not only this seasons , when the sun rises in the morning it makes the nature to awake and provides energy to the nature that provides a vibe of freshness in the air which can be felt easily. And we know that Day and nights are the consequences of earth rotation. The sun rises and sets.

Everything is happening in a pattern the seasons , days and nights. And our activities are according to the pattern.

This is why, I would like to say, nature is providing music and we are dancing in that tune.

The moon

There is interaction going on between moon and the earth. This conflicts can be seen clearly on the tides that are produced in the oceans. Now think, if moon can create tides in oceans, why it can make within us? Because we are too made of water and our body contains 70-75% of water.

This fact was known to the astrologer and they take earth as the thoughts. The tides goes up and down , so is the thoughts.

The moon is also playing a music of its own and we are dancing on this music.

Earth, Nature

Once I was going to some places, I calculated my time to reach there and if I get delayed even a second I could not reach there. So I moved on, as I was walking I was on my side but one tractor came and just stopped in front of me. To cross that tractor it took me for around 3 minutes. I wasted my time, is it my fault? No! Nah it wasn't fault of driver too. We are in the system , we act in the principle of consequences.

This is what made to hit my mind. I only act accordingly to the nature tune, I can't dance on my own. Because see everything was going on as per my calculation by that tractor made everything wasted and I was late.

This is how we act on the music of nature.

Let's see another example,

If I am walking on the road and some one has turned on the radio, and anchor is cracking some famous jokes. Listening to jokes, Do you laugh? Or just ignore it ? Or you don't move by jokes? Definitely, you will laugh.

Coming to here , it is noteworthy to ask oneself, " why did I laugh?" . That radio was not mine, also I didn't turn on the radio. I also don't know that man who turned on the radio and it is out of question to know those anchor. Why did I laugh? I have nothing to do with that joke.

Man! This is the tune of nature, and we are acting on it.

It's not that we laugh and there will be joke. It's there will be joke and then we laugh. This clearly indicates that there must be music and only we dance i.e act.

In this life, everything is going on on it's own. Some get well known while others will be notorious. Some have a normal life. I know you will say,I choose myself to live my life, I am responsible for what am I today?


If you are unaware of the start and end, WHY ARE YOU CLAIMING THAT I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING. You are only the actor here to dance on the tune of nature. You will take the steps as per the tune of nature.

You are not free to go away. If you think to move away and start new believe me that's your role and that's your steps that nature prepared for you.

I am a dancer, you too are , realize it .....

Let's dance ..............

Thank you , for you time

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Written by   121
4 months ago
Topics: Dance, Nature, Music
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I like the way you think. Follow the pre-prepared path and enjoy i.e. do your best.

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Thank you, for you comment

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3 months ago

Let's dance.... Wonderful really. Your viewpoint is all too interesting

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3 months ago

Thank you for you appreciations.....

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3 months ago


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3 months ago