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Misunderstanding with the Religion

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6 months ago
Topics: Philosophy, Religion

I have heard a story, it may be real or just a tale let it keep it aside but it metaphor will hit direct to the center of our existence, it goes as A beggar stands on the gate of the palace and ask something from his stomach. Seeing this all, the king thinks," rarely, someone visits the palace to ask something, why not give him some wealth". And the king goes to the beggar and says," Stop begging from today, I will give you some wealth". The beggar replied," keep your wealth with yourself, you don't have any such wealth that can feel this small purse" and takes out a small black purse. The King feels somewhat uneasy, the beggar is not accepting the offerings but in return he is challenging. And the king vows okay I will give you all the treasures that can feel that purse. The beggar replies, "okay! But you can't take your words back". The King orders to bring some goods, silvers, and fill that course. But to the surprise when good and silvers were poured into that small purse all used to disappear.

To keep his words, the king poured tons of weight into the purse, as soon as it enters everything disappears. The king's treasury was emptied and coming to the time of sunset, the king felt on the foot of the beggar and asked sorry for everything.

And the king asked," what is the matter here? Why can't I feel that small purse of yours". The beggar replied, " I used to stay in graveyard, one day I found a skull and thought to make something from that skull and I made a purse out of that skull".

My purse is made of a human skull, there is no way to fill it. Everything will get some space in that purse "

The most amazing thing in this world is the human mind which never gets satisfies and never gets fills by our hunger. When we are empty pocket we wish to have some hundreds of bucks on our pocket, when we have 100 now we need 100, and this goes on multiplying, and we are never satisfied.

People ask "WHAT IS LIFE?". The simple answer to this question is," MAKING OUR EFFORT TO FILL THE DESIRES AND WANTS OF OUR MIND IS THE LIFE". This is one of the perspectives to see life. To make satisfy our mind we start our journey but the mind never gets filled because we never try to know the mind, we never try to get why these all wants are appearing in my mind? As soon as one target is fulfilled why other pop up?. The satisfaction of the mind lies in the understanding of the mind itself and the world, which is the way of Religion.

Religion was invented to connect our minds with the world. See the scripts of every page of sacred holy books. Every script stands to teach us only two things that are the mind and life, standing on the ideology of God. Believe me or not, Gods are invented by humans to make others understand easily about life and the mind. And it has been successful in fulfilling all the gaps in understanding the subjects but humans forgot this fact. This is why? They emphasized Gods and This produces a situation of today's world that, "RELIGION IS LEFT ONLY WITH GODS".

See around, the religion that we know comes to make people believe in God. But I tell you, GOD is not fundamental of life, you can live without gods. To know ourselves is fundamental to our life. Ironically, Religion is producing followers and believers, this is why religion has achieved in creating Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Jain, .. Society. Not only this religion had created extremities societies like Boko Haram.

And what about the connection between the mind and the world. Who cares? This is why we how deep we fall in religion our mind gets unsatisfied to that extend.

In our country, Nepal, Christianity is seeking its place. And it is common to get people visiting in our doors to spread the message of God.

This is very bad that we the people of developing countries are is-leaded by the developed countries. They have destroyed the essence of religion now they are spreading it in our countries.

If you bring the message of God in our doors, we welcome you but you bring many more attachments with the message.

I don't blame only people who bring the message but also those people who get stick to the message. If someone reads the words carefully every word from their home books they give the same meanings the same as the bible does. We don't need to be Christian to follow Jesus. By the way, in contradiction, Religion is not here to create followers and believers but is to make the connection between our mind and the world which in turn makes us satisfied in every aspect.

Again I repeat that Religion is invented to make people satisfied. It is us we diverted the focus point to the Gods. Gods may exist or not, Gods may be the imaginary ones, but our mind and the life that we are experiencing is not the imaginary ones they are the real ones and the truth that have been existing in every phase of we humans whether it is the evolution phases or within the journey from womb to tomb.

Once I had studied Bhagwat Geeta, There I found an explanation for life and our mind. How we feel in the trap of our mind. So beautifully explained. But when I listen to preachings about it, 99% of the time will go futile listening about Lord Krishna. Another book, ASTHGAVAKRA GEETA, to understand it we must some Guru but available Gurus will at the first hand they will start with the sentiment of astravakra.

I want to give the message that we don't need to know who Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mahavira were? We only need the message they want to give us.

Coming to this point, I want to add further one point that, though religion speaks about the messages of enlightened ones, one must understand that Buddha isn't only of Buddhism, same as Krishna is not of Hinduism, and Jesus for Christianity, they are the property of mankind. They are here not to spread religion but to reflect the possibility of we humans the apex one that can be achieved in human forms. We must think in a broader sense, on the behalf of whole human civilization, for its welfare.

In the end, I would like to give out the message that, the message that we believe it follow has been conveying in our society from about 2000 years ago. Now the times has changed, with the change, our understanding had also change, our assumptions too. The old message is outdated at the present age. Since, now eastern world and western world are integrated in deeper level, there is need of new religion which can give a true sense of religion and will be the language of every new born.

We need a new religion that can address the new updates, upgrades.

Thank you.

This is my view and opinion. I may be atheist for you, believe me I am, also I am not. I am a truth seeker.

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Written by   154
6 months ago
Topics: Philosophy, Religion
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