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Lower class People: History to Now

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4 months ago

Dominating in the world of freedom we humans have to suppress our competitors for, not only did we stop oppression but we made them slaves. See the animals whether it be the king of a lion to our pet cat we started the race from the same line but we went at such speed that we have full dominance over them now. This all has been recorded in the pages of history but metaphorically, because we always see the proceeding through our eyes never try to see from others.

Well, there is no doubt that humans have achieved their apex development but this development also created a division in our society. We made a clear wall among us which is based on economic status as well as in caste-based system in some part of the world.

How developed we are but if we see everything from the eye of equality in a subtle manner, we can find that there is injustice going on with the lower class people in our society.

Who are the lower class people?

Every question-answer lies in the words of the history that is left for us to understand our ancestors how to live. If we turn the pages of our time, and back to the monarchy period where kings used to be clear themselves as the helper of the lord. At that time the lower class people were the citizens. The King rule was anarchy, we would do whatever his mind wants him to do.

As the kingdom grew, the wall of responsibility of the monarch grew. It went beyond the sight of the king. This he needs some trustable people to rule those lands which are beyond the sights. This born a new class of people noble class people. This the people besides monarchy, nobles and some religious person all others were the lower class people.

As time went on the lower class too made its way in the same manner

With time there started a trade era, since nobles and monarchy are to protect the walls, there were some people who were doing trades between two countries. Slowly they started to grow bigger in economical status as well as number. At this phase now the lower class people were the helpers to these traders.

After this phase, the world entered into the capitalist era and coming to the French revolution, the lower class people were the people who didn't have any private property.

After the French revolution, there started the development of new theories in the world of communism. Communism talked about the proletariat revolution. Everyone is equal in status.

After this, we entered the industrialization era. There appeared Karl Marx who tried to defined people into two categories into haves and haves not. He spoke for the unification of all flavours of the world against the capitalist people. Marx talked about the proletariat class.

In 2017, after the October revolution there appeared a man name, Lenin who defined the proletariat people as employees where Karl Marx defined them as industrial workers. This went on in Russia. As we see in the eastern world, China, Maoh Seutung, redefined the proletariat class and included farmers too. This idea worked and it was the revolution of farmers, labours in China that today china has a strong-rooted communist government.

In the 1950s, amid of cold war, there arose a new bloc that didn't take any side of the USA or USSR, they were known as Third world countries. And in 1971, in defined poor countries as LCD (least developed countries).

As we know, countries can be taken as a human individuals, this is the first time in the international arena that you tries were see as poor and developing and developed ones.

We used to talk about the lower class people, now we have poor countries too.


We have defined the measures to study the structure of society on economic levels. Now we define poor based on the poverty line, if the income is less than $1.25 per day then we define them as poor. And for countries, the GDP per capita must be below $1036 and other indicators.

Nowadays, due to the presence of regional, global communities, developed countries help for the uplifts of least developed countries by given them grants, loans at low rates, technical assistance, transferring knowledge, technology, news developed means of administrations and so on bilaterally or through multilateral regional organizations. It is not as in the old days, now all countries stand on cooperation, coordination and coexistence to maintain harmonious relations among each other in an international arena.

Though the scenario is completely different in the real world, we must be optimistic the worst won't happen we just need is to move on taking help and giving help.

Coming to the present world, the lower class people are encompassed within the boundary of poor, and poverty and we included the countries too, that is what marginalized the identifies of rich and poor. And I find it is the borderline that is drawn to separate one another.

And when it is to give my own opinion, speaking honestly, I never wanted to see people as lower class, middle class or elite class, or rich or poor because division creates separation. Separation is the reason for conflict. Two individuals or countries can't come to the same conclusion with different statuses. Because so-called higher class always try to suppress others with its hegemony whereas the lower will try to break it and wants to show he too is capable of making his own. Decision.

Thank you, for your time.

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Written by   155
4 months ago
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