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Love is Only the way

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2 months ago
Topics: Love

To understand any subject on a surface level we understand it in two aspects. One being positive and the other being negative or one being the complement of others. In this world, no subject covers the complete part or carries the complete message. There always appears a complementary part. The day is always accompanied by night to make a complete message. This is why always nature comes with two aspects one being the complement of others. It is like," WHEN RAVAN is BORN, RAM NEED TO BE BORN". Ram stands with the presence of Ravan. Both have different characteristics and when both are brought together, it becomes complete.

This is how we see things on the surface.

Now if we go to the depth, there arises another one which tries to ridge both aspects. This is how neutral was discovered along with positive and negative. The third one is neither the two aspects that we have been talking about. It stands on its attributes. And is seen purely connecting both the aspects.

First, we took a day, to normalize it we introduced night. Now again we are talking about the time it is neither night nor a day i.e dawn. This concept gave rise to three stages in every process. One is the initial phase, mid-phase, and final phase. Religious people came up with three phases of life child, adult, and old. Where adult connects the child age with old where child and old one is taken as a time where one will close to god and need to pray.

Further, if we go deeper. There we will get some stages that are part of the system but remains aloof from the overall process. Fourths, fifth aspects exist as an aloof entity. Its role is to make aware. To spread awareness to the system what happens if the system goes beyond its limitations. It is aloof in the sense that the system can go in absence of it but again it is the part of the system when it is present it adds tastes to the systems.

Therefore, when we see the system, we see first the action and result i.e action and reaction. Further deeper, we see initial, process, and final phases. Again further, we see prerequisite, initial, process, final, results, feedbacks, improvement measures. This is how a system becomes to carry a complete message.

Now we try to understand this one the basis of these assumptions.


The concept of love arises with the two bodies. Nowadays, we have many takes on our society about love with same-sex. In countries which are taken as the third world don't have experience of it much.

In simple words, loves needs two whether it be of the same types or different types. The most common one is between the two opposite sex.

In eastern there is a famous stories about Laila and Majnuu. At their times, the king became jealous with Laila and Majnuu and wanted to see how beautiful was Laila. So, the king went to Laila. She was not as beautiful as rumors. King felt pity on Majnuu and made conclusion that people are making jokes of him with Laila.

One day, Majnuu was called to the palace, there were most beautiful girls standing in a row. The King said," MAJNUU CHOOSE ONE AND TAKE WITH YOU. I know people are making fun of you with Laila".

To that, Majnuu replied," Laila beauty lies in Majnuu eyes. You need my eyes to see Laila".

The King with his ministers there stood without words.

Now, How do we define love? This is why I always in my posts say, Love cant be defined. It can only be felt. What did I feel? Can't be experienced with words. So, I never define love just I always use the phrase, "Love is the way to connect oneself with nature. How? That is the mystery of life. One needs to solve himself or herself. My path never will be beneficial to you you need to search for yourself.

Gautam Buddha in his lifetime he never talked about love because he believed that what remains is life. What remains at the end? No one knows, that is love.

Thus, defining love I don't wanna get into trouble.

But I can say, for the love you need two. One is yourself next is it can be anyone or anything. This is the first phase in love, no matters we are the by-products of love. We don't need to seek love. But, our life is the most perplexing one. With the passes of childhood, we will cut down our connection with love. So we in whole life we go on searching to be reconnected. This is why? We feel that another will reconnect it. Thus, we fall in a hope of reconnecting.

Immediately, when we find someone or something we get connected.

Nature dances within us. At that moment we will experience how the air speaks the language of love, how the sun plays the music of love. The water carries the moments from one place to another. Everything will be dancing and enjoying in the then of nature. And we get dissolve in it and experience delight moments. Natures enter within us and get out without any effort.

If you have ever fallen in love, you will know this. At this moment, what made you enter into it will also dissolve within the dance of nature. Only there remains is the flow of music with the dancing nature.

Love needs two no doubt but it triggers the stage where you will lose others and remain single. Everything will be providing shares of pleasure to you within. This is the second phase.

Mostly it remains for some days, and we start to get disconnected slowly. Life doesn't always come and provides the same situation to feel all the time. Thus we start to get disconnected. Now, again we need connection and our subconscious mind will be there standing this person or thing won't be the connecting point. This is why there enters the third person.

It is normal, in a relationship.

Further deeper,

Somehow if we are blessed we explore beyond the dance and will become Majnuu. We will become Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Mohammed, ..... But we are the modern man, man if 21st century, more knowledgeable ones we will never get reconnected.

First love starts with two, and goes to one. At the end it comes to zero. Zero in the sense that there won't be the one anymore. Everything gets dissolve in the love. Dance will go on within us. We will be dancing. We get dissolve in such a way that now there dissolved everything, time drops down and comparison too.

If we see love as a system , in second phase that js being single one. This state plays the role of bridging between two entities. And further deeper everything gets dissolves into the system. In love we don't seek a system to be complete one but we see from dissolving prospective

Everything exists being in non existing frame.

Love is the no other than being dissolved into the dance of nature. Love is the way of returning back to our origin.

The love is only the way out.

So, develop the art to love........

Thank you....

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Written by   121
2 months ago
Topics: Love
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