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Joker's Dreams to be fulfilled by his Daughter

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3 months ago
Topics: Life, Father, Daughter

When I was small, everyone used to say me, "what is your aim of life?". At first I used to say randomly. Sometimes I used to say Doctor, sometimes pilot, rarely teachers. As I reached to grade 9, I used to answer Social worker. As I passed my 10 class, I figured out that actually I was interested in doing research. Then I thought to be great scientist.

Let's have a short retrospect on my childhood. When I was a small bit of age 3-4, my friend died. That was for the first time I got to know about the death. But at that time I was unaware about it.

My friend died , I could remember there was stool at side of his dead body. Later he was carried away to some 1.5 km from his house and was burried there under one big tree.

At the completion of his funeral, at that night, I began to think about ," what happens to him if he wakes up?". From that day , I was everything asking myself whenever I get free time about , " what is death? What happens after death?". My journey of research started from that event.

My querry was answered after a 25 years. When I saw, a mother spider was half eaten by it's own babies. At that moment, a question pop up in my mind, which is

"WHOM SHOULD I HAVE TO SAVE, IF HUNGRY LION FROM A MONTH IS ABOUT TO KILL A DEER WHICH HAS GAVE BIRTH TO A YOUNG FAWN." If I kill a lion, I would save the deer and it's baby, but what about the injustice I had done with lion. If I let the lion kill deer then again there is injustice for the baby.

This question gave me the answer.

See, isn't I am born to be researcher.

Where was we? Hmm we are in my dream of becoming scientist. After setting my aim of life, I choose to study science. Now the journey began.

Funny experiment

Once I was lying in a bed, a circle came into my mind. And I started to think about circle. And I moved to the point that , there must be some relation between circumference of circle and radius. I Spended three days to get the relation.

Lol how funny was I , there was already a formulae that we have been carrying in our heads.

Circumference =2πr

Haha, I laughed a whole day. Why shouldn't I have to laugh? I Spended three days that went futile at the end of the day.

Actually this my first experience being joker.

Time Machine Hypothesis

From my childhood , I was busy doing experiments. Sometimes, I used to play with magnets see there fields. I was as if I will change this whole world. I was start a new era. But to my luck, I was made joker.

Okey let's get attached to topic, oh! I am talking about time machine.

When I was in grade 11, I worked on time machine. Since I can't build a machine but I can give Hypothesis. It was around, 2006-7, I made clear idea that if we are able to move faster than light then it is possible. I did my calculations. Everything was okey.

Now I need , someone to help me out to check whether it is wrong or right. There was a physic lecture, I talked with him. He asked my note . Without delay I handed him. And he lost it.

I was joker by the life to believe others.

But my theory , I developed was later in around 2013 , it was proven by some British scholars.

At that very moment, I laughed aloud this time.

Why should not I have to laugh? I knew one fact that day

Everyone are scientist here but who gets ground are known to the world, like me will become joke of society. At my age of 17-18 , I have developed a theory about time machine , where I was unknown about relativity theory.

I have done many research myself but to my bad luck my professors didn't pulled me up.

Last time, I meet my one professor.

I asked him

Sir, I have an idea that the way world is seeing to the world with "STRING THEORY " is not the correct perspective. They are missing many points. I will correct them plz I want you to supervise me and make me to contact to some mathematician.

I will develop a new , " theory in particle physic".

To my surprise he answered, " you better do GRE, apply for abroad. Do PhD after doing one you will get the way that you are saying.

Now what to say myself. I was there without a word. I found out that I had became a joke to the world.


At that moment, I felt so lonely that for the first time in my life, I felt my family be with me.

And on that day, I said myself," Now , I quit. " . And accepted to live my life as joker.

Now I don't have dreams, any more I choose to fulfil dreams of my beloved.


After having a daughter, I am filled with hope that," my daughter will stand for me, I see my dreams on her.

But I have vowed myself, I won't force here. One-day, I will share my this story. If she thinks okey, then I will show her the way. I ended being joker but I know my daughter someday will come and seek compensation to this world.

She will come to teach you HUMANITY. this is the dream now, I have

A joker with daughter. She is just only two now
But I will give her ground
If she wishes to be warriors of
Her father, THE JOKER.

I am the joker, with jokes. When you get my joke you will laugh with me or cry with me. If you don't get it , you will never.


Thank you.

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Written by   121
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Father, Daughter
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