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Today I am willing to write about How everything is going on in the world?. As you know that always I take myself as a joker as well as a joke. Why I take it that way? Because I am the one who tries to see the world differently. And always, at last, I will be a joker and left alone with a joke. There won't be anyone who laughs at my joke. I will alone laugh at it with the things in my surroundings. Everything laughs with me. And I too laugh with them. This is what makes me realize, I am the greatest joker ever lived.

I believe life must go on with the balance. There must be both positive as well as negative aspects that neutralize each other and maintain balance. Taking myself as a joker is one part of my position that makes me smile and I have introduced myself to the other part as I am a joke as well.


When I say as I am a joker as well as I am a joke, the first part brings a smile to my face Immediately when I say, as well as I am a joke makes me saddened. I am a joke in this world.

Why I am a joker as well as a joke?

People go to the cinema for entertainment and I go to find out mistakes that the director did. Also, I like to talk about how is everything going on and how it should be. I don't care who catches my words or how they feel. But rather I stand and make myself how they feel and go on delivering. I am kind of a weird person, I have built a world inside where everything has a place and they have equal standing.

I am a joker because I see things other than other does. I see humans are pertaining themselves to live their life but I feel in reality they have been forced to live their life as it is. It is the system that makes everything as they are now. Sometimes, I think if my mind cracks now and I see a toilet at a place. And in reality, if it is in the middle of the market then?

In my world, everyone is equal and has equal responsibilities as a human does in nature. This is why I don't praise anyone not I want. My nose bleeds when I donate something and there start announcement. Holy crab! I earn from all this I give it back. I don't see any reason to thank too. Save because I like giving.

Isn't that makes me a joker?

This is what makes me a joker. Now, joker comes always without may someone don't get. When I see my life from my childhood to the date, I see myself as a joke. For the outside world, I represent myself as a joker, and for the inner world where our principles position lies makes me a joke.

At first, I make sound addressing to the outer world, I am a joker and
 I come back to inner as I am a joke as well.

This is how I chose to remain in Lance.

This is all about joker. Now time for a message.


When I was around 20 years, I was fond of the philosophical world. I started meditation, everything at that age however my search for, WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH? This was started in my childhood around four or five. Everyone was busy with girlfriends I was busy in search of," who am I?"

Coming to around 25 I felt books are not the place to pick the answers. It's like, Suppose I ask myself, " WHAT IS LIFE?". Buddha replies," Life is full of sufferings". Now, this makes me stick with Buddha. I will walk in his path and someday I become himself. But where am I?. Reading others' ideologies was not the way to search for self. So, I stop listening, reading about photography, rather I started to search for answers in nature. This is how I started to talk with nature.

And I know what am I doing is like acting as a scholar in a fool's world. It's just an illusion of my mind.

I believe it is better than reading others' ideology. If we read two things happens we get a bond with the narrator and also we go on becoming them. But with nature, nature is the only way out.

And I remained there being dissolved into the illusion. I am finding a way to break it. I know it will take about 15-16 years. But I am enjoying it

In my opinion, when we know something it must be passed to next whether next be stone or our best friend. I mean when we realize something it must be given out otherwise it will be deleted without being transferred. So, whenever your mind opens with a new idea it must be given out.

This is what every enlightened people do they give out everything being silent from inside.

And I think to remember never stick to the person just see the indication of the message. This is like,

Light helps you in the dark, not a candle......

My message is simple to understand, I try to maintain it. My message doesn't come with bombastic meanings. I present merely that I know. And always accountable for what I speak.

Doesn't everything seem to be a joke?

Now, time to talk about the world.


The world comes with two meaning

  1. In simple words, it is a place

  2. It is the system of coexisting being interrelated and interdependent. It covers the principles of the systems.

I am here using the word with the meaning of system number 2.

Some say the world as "Maya" which means illusion. It's their point, but I would like to mention that message comes in three ways.

  1. Accepting, rejecting it

  2. Ignoring

  3. Pondering

Now when you get the message " the world is an illusion" the mind goes for one way. But remember the speaker has chosen the way to go with that the world is an illusion. This is his standing position. It is his or her not of your, you make your own by going all three process.

It is your life, you need to live your own with your principles. This is what life wants everybody to follow and who has time to figure it out? . Now people have started to see Time as money. In such a scenario, we will figure out how we gain much? not how we smile? How to make other smile?

My message is simple, it is your life you need to breath with your own effort. No one will help you.

If you feel this joker is wrong, I have nothing to say you. I am not the one who is here to change your ideology, it is you, yourself who need to figure it out.

I am only hereto show from where the sun rises, I can only show you the way that I know. It is you who have to walk.

I am walking on my path whether it is wrong or right? Whether I am in illusion or reality? This doesn't matter because this is my path which I have created my self. I am a walker creating my own path.

I never chose to follow the path that exist there. I choose to remain aloof from the crowd just build my own world with own ideology.

I bring you the message of joker to live your life being yourself. Rest is up to you.......

Thank you.......

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