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Inner Voice

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6 months ago
Topics: Religion

Lord Buddha left his palace. Was he wrong? At that time, he was wrong for his wife, his family, his relatives, and the whole society. How can a future king abandon his all belongings and run away just in search of the truth? And don't get it wrong? We people have our qualities that we believe what we hold in our heads is the truth. Like for Hindu people, their culture, norms, customs, and values are the truth, and believe that they are the way of life ordered by God. In our society, we believe that the king son will be the king, barber son must be the future barber. In such mentality, "How can Siddhartha Gautam leave everything would be an appropriate step?

Everyone used to come and give suggestions to return to the palace in his first days, then, he left the boundary of the king. Everyone used to visit him with the message of return. There was a tale that even one king offered him as," I don't have any children if the matter you left is you, parents, I will adopt you and be my son". Whenever he goes, he used to get a message of his return. , to avoid that he tried to avoid meeting people and went and spend his time in the jungle, he even cut his hair and changed outfits.

But he never, listened to anyone, he stands adamantly in his decision because there was the voice from the inner world, that was calling him," in search of truth, Without the search of truth, the life will go futile".

But see after 2500 years, he was on his right track who found out the Panchasheel foundations of life and also eight folded paths for the enlightenment. People believe that Buddha was the one who taught people that meditation is the way of life. Now, he is taken as the light of Asia. Was he wrong?

Now, when we see Buddha, we see him holding a jar of panacea in his hand. But when he left his palace no one was there to stand with his decision...

After enlightenment, Buddha returns to his palace, where he meets his father. At the very first moment, father scolded him," Leave this all, what you are doing, the throne is waiting for you, my time is over, it is your time". Buddha replied, "I am not the one who left the palace. See me, I am the different one".

His family, let him go with tears.

Buddha could have a better life than he had. But he listened to his inner voice never being affected by the outer world.

When we talk about living by listening to the inner voice, we cannot avoid Socrates, a man who died for his principle. People used to suggest he leave Athens, he used to say," this Athens is the best place to talk, I talk the truth and I feel no one can stop me from telling the truth", at last, he was given poison. Socrates believes that Athens is a civilized place where he can convey his message.

Another name, Jesus Christ didn't even protest against his crucification, he was asked to stop but he keeps on spreading the message because he listened to his inner voice.

Buddha, Socrates, Jesus left the earth giving the message to listening to the inner voice and stand with it. Did they show us the way of life? They also set examples of how apex position one can achieve in this world either the inner world or the outer world.

When we see ourselves, what are we doing? We are living in the guidelines that have been drawn thousands of years ago. Those who were marginalized had been decayed but we find our self believing and working in the ideologies that were set by dead ones. Our principles positions, our way of seeing life all are borrowed ones. We don't have anything of our own. In such a situation, don't we feel ashamed of declaring I am enjoying. Up and I believe your enjoyment is also a borrowed one. How?

Being bored in daily life, you need some refreshment and for it, you will visit new places or cinema halls. Now, I ask you, will you get refreshed? After a next moment again you will be in the pitch of busy life with boring times.

You like refreshment, you will choose some activities. You want to laugh, you will choose some comedy channels. You like to be happy, you will choose those which make you happy. Just contemplate, what is going on if you are making it happen?

In life, things need to happen, but we are making it happen. Isn't this a borrowing? You want one thing, do some deeds and get it. You act according to your wants and what happens next is that what is made to come will go at the same speed as us. We want some love, we choose some girl.

This is what people called it as vicarious life.

When there comes a voice of the inner world, do we listen to it? If we humans had listened to it, we would have built earth a better place than now. But what we did is? Ran after the crowd. We never try to figure things from our side, we every time saw from others' sides.

Now, in the present day, we humans have become some much concentrated on money that we compare everything on the value of money. No doubt we lost our ability to listen to the inner voice, sorest than this is that we developed to see on the level of money more money minded.

Though we achieved our self the culmination point on the development of technology, we went in dropping down the humanity. One day we humans will lose our humanity completely, from that time the new machine world will be started.

Thank you, for having a time

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Written by   154
6 months ago
Topics: Religion
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