Illusion and Reality lie in Principle Positions

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In the history of Philosophy, on one corner of the page there lies a story written with black ink and is related to Charlie Chaplin impersonation. Around 1915-1921 on the street of California there was a competition in which one has to perform "The Charlie Chaplin impersonation". Charlie saw some chances for him and he himself ended by entering the competition. By the end of the competition there was a result time where he occupied a place of 20th place. Some articles claim, 27th place.

Charlie's hope to win ended being jokey. This all seems to be funny, but in reality ground, it contains metaphors of our life assumptions that has been carried by self and believe it to be true. As the story above, the real one is present within a crowd, but we choose the other one. This makes us ask ourselves as "WHO IS THE REAL ONE?"

In addition to above, Isn't it relevant to ask " IN MY LIFE, WHAT I BELIEVED TO BE TRUTH, ARE THEY REAL ONES?".

When it comes to believing, one must understand that believing is the subject of the inner world which is entangled with our Principle positions.

Another fact, at twilight when we just pass by a rope sometimes we get a feeling of snake. From where did that snake happens to appear?. Snake is not outside, but it is inside us which got triggered by the rope. All the illusions are not outside, but it is inside. They are attached to our "Principle Positions".

If we closely observe the life of humans, it will be possible to live without religion i.e. God. But, we stick to it. We have made ourselves to entangle with God not only for this life, but also after death, before this life as well. God lies inside, there is nothing outside.

There was an old lady near our house. Her age made her eyes to lose sight range. And when she has to go toilet, she used to come in open place. For her, she didn't see afar distance objects this made her feel that no one is near to her and no one is seeing her. This was her way to take the world. But in reality, she was doing everything in an open place.

These examples prove that everyone is self centric, which is guided by Principle positions.

Our Principle positions are the main door that connects the outside world to the inner world.
The music that is produced in inner world will be tuned out in the form of our prospectives towards the concerned subject matters. If there is love inside, one will speak the language of love. If there is hatred, one can't see flowers outside.

Our life is guided by our principle positions. The outer world does not carry any meanings or metaphors with it, but we imbue our positions, standings, understandings, to the outer world which gives the value of the outer world.

Suppose, we see mountains standing there on at some distance apart from us. At first, our mind must analyze every message that retina receives. After analysis, our mind confirms it. See, things may be outside, but they exist inside. Similarly, God may be there or not but, when we talk about the existence of God, its existence is only possible within us. But this doesn't mean that I am against to them who claims that God exist everywhere. He may be there in the outside world or may not be there, this depends upon our understanding about the God, which again lies inside.

Therefore, whatever exists here, all existing are within us. This implies that illusion and reality, both lie within us and are entangled to the principles positions.

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