I is the Greatest Illusion

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The existence flows on it's own tune. On that tune, we are driven to take journey from womb to tomb. We won't be wrong to say we are force to live our life as we are living it now. Or it's my responsibility for what is happening with my life. Either we blame to the laws of nature or give total share to ourself both satisfies the equation of logic of our life. Why both holds? The root to this answer lies inside our mind. And the mind is where every logic exist. In reality, this logic are the reasons that makes us to get into illusion.

For our mind, the whole existence is I centric and this is why we find I am everything here? But in reality, I is the greatest illusion that exist in our lives.


How we understand things?

We perceive everything in two dimension standing on time reference. Time is divided in three category: past, present and future. And everything existence lies on two time basis i.e past and future. In present nothing can exist. Present is the intersection point of past and future.

So when we see through the past , it provides the meaning associated to fact that how we have known it? And future time , seeks how it should be.

And both contradicts , our meets at the present. So, we don't see things in present.

On this back drop,

Everything in this existence can have two meanings so does illusion too. Illusion is also understood in two way.

  1. It is related with our perception : how we take it? It's is related to ourself. How we perceive it. More simply how we accustomed it o go with us.

  2. It is related to the appearance of the observed subject.

Let's be clear with example, while walking in dark place (little light), there appears a snake in front of us. At the first glance , we saw a snake. We just jolt back. But in reality that was a rope. Here , the appearance of snake instead of rope is type 2 inclusion where as going back with some pace because of our fear that happened inside us is type 1 illusion.

Thus, illusion has two aspect , internal and other is external.


What we understand when we say I?

I represents me. Is me means body? Actually everyone in this world are confuse here about I , what is i. Is it body or something beyond body? No one knows the exact answer just use I randomly.

If we see when someone says I that means mind and sometimes it indicates body also something beyond mind and body. No one can say exactly what this i means.


If we suppose that I means body, then it is obvious to ask the question ," from where is your awareness originated?" . Body is just a combination of cells , it stores memories. If I means body then what is awareness?

When you see something thriving is going on, you feel cold in your heart? From where did it come from.

If someone dies, if I was body they there is no question in crying because body is there. Then why are we crying?

I represents beyond the body.


Beyond the body then what? Is I means awareness.

If awareness is I , then I remains there always but what about when body stops to function. Then, everything stops. The body becomes log. Then what happens to awareness , it too stop reflecting.

I means both awareness + body

Awareness is contained in a body. Then, when we say I , means means body the combines form. But again question is to be asked ourself, if I is both the mind and body in a combined form then

Let's us do one experiment,

Suppose we are given a power to travel with time. Now if we go back to 2000. Now, we say I am a bit of 17. And if we go to 2050, then we say. I am 67 years now.

If we are both awareness and body , they are changing with time. In such a change which one is ourself.

If we see this all, we are neither body nor the awareness. Also we are not the combination of body and awareness. We are nothing that we know. But , there always comes I . And what is i , till now no one knows.

What we know about I will become wrong at the very next moment, when we think this is I.

I is not known , but we know that I is I.

Thus, the greatest illusion that exist is I.

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Topics: Philosophy, Illusion