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Human Life: don't waste it?

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1 month ago
Topics: Philosophy, Life

In this awareness of nature, everything holds its role which is must be carried out. But as we see the roles of humans, we don't have any roles in nature. It seems we are the parasite of this whole world.

Sunrises singing a song to make everything awake and give them the energy to continue our journey, sometimes it brings the tune that helps to make a new start. At night, Moon is being complementary to the sun provides the environment to move on and on. Hot Sun and moon that is cold both are opposite in one another but when we take both in the same landscape there we will get a complete figure of their roles. How everything depends upon them? Like this way in nature, there always exist two poles and when brought together into one box there we will get a complete message.

When do we observe mankind do we find any special tasks that nature had provided us? Do we have any roles?

If we deeply contemplate, what we have been doing all this way long from the days of the stone age to the modern world. Nothing! We have wasted our time in protecting the hegemony of some heads. Did we try to find out our role? Nah!

If our ancestors had given time to find out the roles we could have found out the complementary element of existence to us. But we must thank nature that it has created male and female. And we humans are driven into our sex to make a complete sense of being human. And we take to make and female will make a complete sense in nature.

Some saints had understood this concept that everything exists in its complete form, therefore, they tried to make their gods in complete form in the Hindu religion. Ram with the site, Krishna with Tasha, Shiva with Parvati, ... Not only these they even have figured out the complete information of God, i.e Krishna.

Why Krishna is taken as a complete incarnation? Because he is only the one who accepts everything. He talks one thing does other. He lives in a moment. He vows in one moment if need he will break on next moment.

What is the role of humans?

If we see the enlightened ones their words. Humans' role is to connect the two worlds, one inside world while the other is outside. Only in the life of a human, we can know this. And we humans are blessed by nature to know this connection.

What have we been doing?

First of all, we are always tilt to one world, enlightened ones are engaged with the inner world where we normal people always attached to the outside world.

It is only possible to know the language of nature in this human form which can be realized but we are running after our dreams. Dreams for a better future.

Western world are after money in the name of freedom where eastern are bounded to fulfill obligations towards family in the name of Dharma,(kartabiya i.e responsibility).


There are many indications about the connections in holy scripts, as the enlightens only point the possibilities that can be explored with the human form. But we humans modern man, we live a vicarious life. We have every readymade answers in our mouth.

Due to this vicarious life that we have been living made us like an animal, this is why we can not realize the connection because we stand on the other's ideology. We don't have our own principles positions here we are one of the entities of crowds. What crowds does? We follow them. Did you at any time of life stand aloof from the crowd? Asking yourself, " WHO AM I?".

To date, you haven't tried it once. Till you don't stand on your foundation you will never and ever realize who you are.

And do you have time to ask yourself? No! You don't have any.

Due to our ignorance to the nature about understanding the existence, we have drop down all the possibilities. We could have developed wings and have fly higher than mountains. We could have swim in the air. But we doubt it.

We worship Gods, and the gods that we worship are the ultimate possibility if we human being. Our aim must be free as good bounded within the system. And we doubt? We doubt ourselves, if buddha can attain enlighten why not me? If Jesus can be son of lord? Why I can't be?

This doubt is what separates us from the possibilities that we can be. We can be gods but we choose to live as devotee. We could have attain the salvation but we end worshipping death peoples.

When I say death people, I am pointing to all the enlightens one's, and gods that you pray. Because if they exits in past now they don't. We call them Ghost. I am confused myself that you worship Ghosts of some selected people and when there appears a Ghost of normal people lol you will faint.

Seeing what is going on everywhere, I feel like I am the joker that see everything as they are and when I try to say to people , it becomes a Joke.

This is why I would like to call myself as a joker with a joke.

I am not a normal as you are, I see in different dimension this is why I am a joker and is a joke.

Thank you.....

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Avatar for Lawa1988
Written by   121
1 month ago
Topics: Philosophy, Life
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Human often can't do the things he wants to do. Dreams are always hold for future. One knows that the future will never come but he ignores the fact. It's human nature. The time Our Creator gives us to live, Are we really lead them fully?

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1 month ago

We need to see the world from both prospective.

  1. Either we are being controlled by the world we are not free, we do as the world wants us to do
  2. We are free, we act on our will We can't see things bring both concept at one place
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1 month ago