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Greediness Drags Us to Hell

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2 months ago
Topics: Hell

When we are tired, bored, need some refreshments, we make routines to somewhere a silent place where fresh air will be flowing swiftly. Every current of air that passes through us, touching provides us with a boost and it seems like our soreness is being replaced by the touch of the air and the vibes of a new place. But think, what if the air is turned to cyclon, some strong wind. What happens? I am making a point that getting more than we deserve is not the proper way of the rule of life.

What does the rule of life say? Do you need to pay for what you get in your life?

And what do we expect more and more? We don't bother about our effort? And never question self as am I worthy to get that? But we forget all, we just keep our pocket open and make everything gets into our pocket.

Know the reality of self that, when we put our effort, if we don't get in return or get less than our expectation we start to worry. We feel like everything is over now. Everything is gone. I am saying, is that we feel unpleasant. But what if we get more than our effort, do we feel worried, " something must have gone wrong otherwise why this much, it is more than enough". You won't do it Nah!, I know how we act.

Why do we do it that way? What makes us behave in that way? The answer is simple Greediness that has been always there watching every chance to jump in.


when I have $ 1 for my food, I feel like if I had antra one dollar I would have saved this one for evening food. Everyone wants to secure our future. If we see from one angle we live in present and the fututlre is yet to come. Whkkknowhawhawhat happens when it comes? In a physical world going with this example is not a relevant one. But I am talking about the state of mind trying to protect itself. In that sense, the mind acts with exaggerated emotions. Thus, we try to our our our our our our for own safety first. Do this attribute of ours can be called Greediness?

On the other hand, our teachers teaching us in schools, colleges work hard to teach us with some wages. But when they get higher paid in another school, he resigns and goes to a new school or university. If he was here to teach, why he would bother about the remuneration given to him. Is this a case of Greediness?

Or the Society, which tries us to catch good manners good customs sets some customers rules and regulations i.e religions, traditions, customs. The thinking that our ancestors have for us to protect humanity and make a comment generations to walking in a proper way of philosophy. To keep such feelings for society, is this Greediness?

Well, I have presented here different centres of our desires, first is self, then family and comes society, community and final to the mankind.

I am trying to make a point that when we make a desire, wish or target for the benefit of a particular individual or group or selves. So that we enjoy the ease at the end is what I call Greediness.

Greediness shifts the centre as per our valued

When we try to talk about the welfare of people though it seems generous when we see the whole figure of existence then it becomes the Greediness of humanity to protect themselves.

It is our inherent characteristic to be greedy. If we are greedy we should not worry about what is happening to us? Everyone is greedy here.

When you see their post saying giving this and that blah blah blah believe me here everyone acts for self-interest her.

Now it's time for Hell


What do we understand by hell? The eternal burning fire which is supposed to burn the never-dying soul for the liberation of sins that he had committed in his life? Guarded by deaths, is that place as described in the holy scripts is hell? Let's be real, no one had ever died here and waked up to write the description of hell.

Some we go with the practical meaning, we call hell to such unexpected situations and that impact on the good aspects of our life and increases the wrong aspects of life.

In simple words, Hell means unexpected things that come into our lilivesnd have an adverse effect.

Thus in simple words, hell means hard work, fruitless efforts, misery, sorry, pain, unhappiness. Who wants these in our life? Thus, we try to call them living in hell.

Greediness is way to Hell

If we see all the animal kingdom, except some cold-blooded animals who get badly affected by the cold season only stores food for protection. But others they hunt eat and flee away. No accumulation.

When there is accumulation there starts the Greediness, there starts the feeling of profit, benefit.

Let us suppose, A plants X crop and produces Y quantity of food. After consuming food if he sells and collects Z money. Now what happens, he starts to feel next time I will earn Z+. For this, I need to put more effort, need more production. This process goes on and on there is no end in the desire of people.

This is what we call life in hell. Somedays, he is making effort for a better future this is how he gets into hell. i.w hardship.

If you try to make a point that doing some deeds for a better future we can't take it as Greediness, if you think in that way then I say you how did Gautam Buddha make his life go on with hundreds of disciples. By asking for something to eat and a place to stay. See, in this way, life can be spent.

The man who found out the noble truth about life, which is all about the suffering spent his life going door to door for what? Does he want to escape from hell ( suffering)? No! He just wants to ignore the Greediness he has within him.

He knew that Greediness comes from attachments so he abandoned everything and lived to be self detached.

If we talked about another philosopher Mahavira, he gave away everything even his clothes he remains naked, after he left his home. He didn't bother about what happens next. His teaching is also based on the Greediness that comes with an attachment, comes with a feeling of possessiveness within us.

Again, if we see in Hindu mythology, Krishna who knew this fact that Greediness is attached in our karma, his teaching is based on the deed which is free from results he uses the term Niskam karma.

In Christianity, people believe that we are born out of sins thus we have Greediness within us. Yeah, that is true, when we are Greediness that is why we get into problems. Thus, Christianity supports in believing him and do eve4ything in the name of God.

All the religions that exist teach us to be free from karma, deeds, i.e Greediness. Because everyone knew that

Greediness drags us to hell

Thank you,...

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Written by   154
2 months ago
Topics: Hell
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