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Forming an Equation of God

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1 month ago
Topics: Philosophy, God

When we create an equation, the equation is always dynamic this attribute of the equation is seen from the varying value of variables in the equation that enjoys consistently with the values of the outcomes. These varying outcomes within the same equations while from varying variables makes a subject carry broad sense. Therefore, when we choose a subject and can make an equation with variables that vary and gives some outcomes, it indicates that we are going deeper and deeper to it.

Let's start our journey with the topic: God vs Science


Let's try to create equation and input variables on it.

God, who is God? What bus God? what do we understand by God?

We are humans, so always we choose to see God in our forms, this is why our religions have chosen the human form. Sometimes God is said to have formed other than humans. Buddhists chose emptiness, while others chose the elements of nature like water, fire, air, earth, and so on.

From here we can extract an idea that God needs to have a certain form? (Note: if God is taken as emptiness then it takes a form, this is why Buddha never talked about God. But Buddhists are, are wrong but they do. So, we are creating an equation of God this is why I chose to borrow the concept of Buddhism too)

Now, we extracted one characteristic i.e form, structure: How we see it?.

When we listen to God, we understand that something with a higher energy level. Gods are ones with some powers with them like one God is God of thunders, the great Zeus, in Hindu, there is Indra who is taken as God of thunder and carries Bajra in his hands. Different Gods have their departments to control.

Here, we are with another variable that is power. Superpowers have different abilities to control over.

Furthermore, when we dig inside the holy books then we find that some Gods live among people, where some live in heavens and some lives in hell some live in a dimension hidden from us with is another dimension than ours.

Here, we added another variable which is their existence. Where are they? Where we can find them?

Here we are with three variables. They are:

  1. Form: How we like to see it? How do they look like?

  2. Power: Their ability. What can they do?

  3. Existence: where do they exist.

Now, with these three variables, we can create an equation. To answer, what is God.

Now see, what bible say about God? God is light. God is burning fireball. Bible chose to go with form varying the values. Don't doubt, when Bible says God is spirit, it is giving importance to the form of God. And Jesus in his whole life he talked about his father who lives in heaven. That he emphasized the existence of God.

And in Greek religion they understood God emphasizing their ability. Like Zeus, Ares, Apollo, Hastia they are chosen Gods on their ability.

Hindu mythology, all three variables are given emphasis this is why there are around 360 million God and goddesses.

All religions whether they are poly it mono, when they have to define God, they choose the above equation. If they want to make an answer longer they added all three in their sentences.


We have the know-how to define God. We define did with varying the values of variables they go on giving different Gods as result. When we have to know the equation of Gods, Did we know God?

No! We haven't. With this equation, you can only know the Gods that are mentioned in scripts. They are written by the human mind, and when we use we can go only to what the human mind can explore.

Knowing this all, I believed we are in another boat that won't take us to our destination to know God. The truth will be hidden till we don't start our journey.

God is omnipotent, omnipresent. Or whatever it is. How many variables you change. all will lead us to some kind of jokes. at the end of the day, we will stand there with the punch lines with a sad face.

We will be jokers making God laugh at us and we will be a great joke to the Gid at the end of the day. If you want to be a joker and joke go on varying variables. If you don't want to be, get upstart your journey.

Bibles, Qurans, Vedas, Tripitaka, these are all jokes. You need to convert it to the words of God by exploring yourself. Holy books no doubts points the truth but you need to develop yourself to see it, feel it and enjoy it.

Thank You, for your time.....

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Written by   121
1 month ago
Topics: Philosophy, God
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