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Flow lies on the core of life

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4 months ago
Topics: Life, Flow

Life is a flow. In other words, life is a transition of moments from one to another. We measure this flow of life concerning time, with three variables present, past and future. This is why? We get into confusion and the end in calling time as life. Or life as a time. But in reality, time is just a reference to the moment that happens. And if we pile up this moment we get the life. It is the same as piling up time and getting a life. This is how? We end up saying time as life, which is not the correct essence of life as seeing it as time.

Time is a tool for measuring the frames of moments that happen in existence.

Life is the flow, someone has a switch on the switch and we are in the flow this flow is the life. It can be comparable to anything that is flowing like, life can also be taken as the river. In this flow, each moment cones with the new form. Every position on the flow is unique.

As Lord Buddha says," in the same river we can't dive for a second time. While it gets into the river a second time, the water will be new and fresh one and the state of our mind won't be as it was before"


Life is a flow not doubt, it is flow on its own, we should not put any effort into it. Suppose, we put effort into the river make a dam on its roads, there we try to stop the flow and create pollution of water and more importantly we will destroy the ecosystem of water. We will put restrictions on those fishes migrating.

You may be thinking of hydropower, there are two ways of making hydropower projects. One is by accumulating or the other is using the flow of the river (without dams), we can produce electricity without making dams.

Life is a flow, which brings changes or in simple transformation. We can stop the process of child changing to adult and ultimately old and one day leave this earth. But we don't want that change this is why we feel bad about the change. We try to cover the transformation and get anxiety. If we leave everything on its track and accept these changes there is no effort in life.

Effort in life? Whether we put effort or not, life will be going on its flow. By putting effort we will get more connected to the flow in the opposing direction. These indulgences create a world of suffering. And lord Buddha has to appear to declare "the world is full of suffering". In reality, suffering arises with our efforts, to go against the flow of life.

People say, " life is a challenge, life struggles, life is this and that". This all definition relies on their values.

The hardship, sorrow, anxiety, happiness, bliss, ecstasy all lies in our values of seeing life.

Life doesn't bring any such this but they are hidden in our aspirations, desires, needs, wants.

The most crucial point about life

I have been searching, myself for about 12-13 years in this life. There is no trace of I. every time, I am missing.

This world has hypnotized us in such a way that, we feel that I mean self but in reality ground base I happen to be our mind. "I am feeling bore", it is not you who is feeling bored, it was the mind.

Our life consists of two beings, one is the mind (deceiving us .aking us to believe that it is I) and the other is real I.

Do you know, when Jesus Christ was on his bed, once, he says to his disciples that," you see me lying on the bed, I may be lying, there is another one which is also lying with me? In this bed, two people are lying"

This is the indication of Jesus Christ that two personals rely on our body. That which puts and opposes transformation i.e. our mind and the real I.

The real I is always intact with our times, the one that comes in action is our mind.

Our mind always opposes the flow, it never wants to see self turning into old, this tries to hide the reality within the layers of makeup. Our mind is self-centric. It only cares, wonders, ponders keeping self at the centre.

And the one which we say I, not the mind, can only witness the flow that is going on.

Accepting this truth, try to live an effortless life.


As I have mentioned above that, suffering comes with attachments, comes with an effort, which is settled in our values And these values stand on positions. Our positions are the tools of our mind.

As we have been saying, life is a flow let it flow. Accept whatever is brought to us, suppose in the river sometimes floods appears, sometimes the river gets dried up, we must accept all. Welcoming the transforming, enjoying being old, enjoying the moments with acceptance is what makes us break the attachments of our mind with the flow.

Now with the break of this bond does there exist any suffering? The answer is being No.

Whatever comes in life will go away, the flower that blooms now will be dried up.

If you always want flowers to be bloom, you end up buying a plastic flower

Do you know the difference between the original flower and the plastic duplicate flower? The real flower is in flow it blooms in the morning, dried up in the evening. There exist a life within it because it is inflow. And the plastic one there is no flow within it. This remains the same it was.




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Written by   154
4 months ago
Topics: Life, Flow
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Life is very complicated thing and we all are flowing with it, the more we think about the more we confused so we should try to enjoy the life instead of thinking about it.

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4 months ago

In no time you will find your self my friend, enjoy life instead not in the problems all the time.

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4 months ago