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Everything is Perfect Here

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10 months ago

We live in a world which gains it's values with the help of comparison. Comparison is the tool that makes us to perceived things with the imbued values. Gold has much more value than the silver, it is because of the cost values that our conscious mind does the calculation and we get attached with it. Higher values i.e expensive ones carries a greater significance than the lower value one.

But what, if we drop down the comparison? Then the values drops, perfection too . Comparison is what provides the values of the existence. Indirectly, compassion is hidden behind the face of perfection.


How we have understood the word "perfect"? Generally, we say perfect to those which doesn't have any flaw. That was a perfect match, match without any mistakes or errors. Perfect stands as without any flaw,fault, mistakes , errors. They don't need any further correction.

Perfect is also understood as exactness. She is the perfect example of our subject. We find perfect is used as synonyms with exact, similar, complete , total.

Sometimes perfect is also understood as not being diverted. Not being errant but being in a track.

Everything that are around us......

Those chirping birds moving from one branch to another, enjoying itself, speaking to one others at the morning times fills the nature with the freshness with the sensation of hope. They gives us message that it is morning time, a day to start and is the start time.

That air from the far away mountains behind those hills brings the scent of everything it touches on it's way to my room. Some times it brings the cry of small childrens in the field. Sometimes it brings the dark clouds that makes us speed up ourselves. Sometimes it brings the message of my beloved who has been waiting for my return with her it too brings the warmth of my child.

When I see out of my windows to far far away snowy mountains, I feel as I am playing on snow and give me sensation of coldness. Sometimes I see old couple walking holding hand to hand makes me to feel compassion. And makes me to think about my beloved one's.

Everything around me makes me to feel that I am alive. It's due to the surroundings that emotions pop up, sometimes frightening one, sometimes pity one.

It is the gift of everything that exchanges the life that is within them with us. We too exchange with them. That is why ? I would like to say , in every second we get a gift box which may contain happiness or sadness . It may contain the vibes that boost my will power or may give me depression. It may contain the memories the moments in which I got disappointed.

This gifts are due the existence that they exist in our surroundings with the incorporated values within them. We feel attracted towards the beautiful girls, and we feel some pity to old women. This is how different things comes here with different gift boxes.

This is due to this gift box , we enjoy the moment,blissful moments,sometime we weep, sometimes we are drown by the feeling of loneliness and sometimes sophisticated noisy crowd.

Our controversial nature

What we want? Suppose we want happiness. We try to grab it. And if I feel happy, moody with my spouse then if I spend time with her. After a while, my happiness changes to sophistication. it's the nature of human being.

Being bore if we try to visit new places for refreshment, at the first arrival we feel energetic. New magnetic or electric pulses flows over us but with time or visiting over and over we will not feel what we felt at the first time arrival. May we feel refresh on visiting there but we become familiar with it then our body again moves in process of dropping down things that it has been attached then against prepares for new search.

We may laugh at a joke for the first time but when we listen it more and more times , we don't laugh. We feel annoying.

This is all because we posses the controversial nature. Our emotion swings from one extremities to other end. Now if we are happy with same thing but with time we drop down happiness . Then we want to run away in search of happiness to some other place.

If we see from another side, this is the balancing nature. If we grab happiness then it must be balance with sorrow. Everything doesn't carry same values or doesn't gives the same gift box for long time so it shifts it's values in order to make balance.

Nature wants balance but we only want to adopt positive sides. We don't wanna stick to negative side. We are living imbalance life due to our own principles positions. So, most of us at last days, we are overwhelmed by the vibes of depressions, angriness, regrets, this is the everyone's story at the last days it is because we have been only living to one of the side ignorjng other but Nature keeps the calculations .

Why nature wants balance in our actions? Why misery has to be followed by success?

When we are born, we are born with empty hand. So,at the time of death nature wants us to be zeroed. Zeroed in the sense that, whatever we have accumulated our whole must be neutralized with it's counter actions. What we got? Must be given back. What we have gained? Must be neutralized with loss. Our attachments must be detached. Our karma must be zeroed in overall. Then, the world again prepare a medium to take back what it has given.

The nature which gives us life also takes back it. Such zeroed death I call it as perfect death, balanced death. Now no more calculations.

This is the rule of Nature. This is why Nature always works on the principle of balancing. Not only with humans it is with the existence. If God appears then Nature calls and prepares to form a Saitan. If Ram appears then Raven must appear. Balancing nature of Nature.

This is why ? Enlightened people always focus to be zero and prepare for death. But we always try to be in one side . And at last hours the nature for the last times make efforts on us to make us zero by balancing by introducing negative vibes. Also if we were negative all our life then it tries to imbue positives. Which is why regrets rules to everyone at the last days sometimes followed by tears.

I remember Sigmund Freud," who in his whole life talked that we people always walk away from deaths. There is misery attached with death, so we don't turn back to look the death"

But before his death, he wrote " the whole time I was wrong. Now, I am finding pleasure in dying and I am preparing for it"

This is the case, Nature balances. If not in this life then it will make effort in another life but it balances. It won't leave us without balancing us.

This is what we call the never ending cycle of death and life. But remember if we balance then cycle ends.

Nature, Existence and perfectness

The red rose in the garden, may give you a small gift of box that may contain any types of memories with emotions. Red rose doesn't always gives the same feelings. It depends upon the time and stage of our mind. And everything here follows the principles of balance either by mind or by the time.

This is the love of nature towards us to make balance within existence.


Now, question here is where is the flaws in nature? Where are errors? What are the faults? That the nature possesses.

Nature is perfect calculator , it doesn't have any errant nature. It follows the Nature of balancing . Thus, it is perfect in its own.

If red rose standing there always gives me the warmth sensation of my beloved regardless of the time and stage of my mind then there needs correction. If the wind always brings the same messages everytime it touches me then there needs correction. If the girl next to my door always brings the sensation of attraction then there need the correction.

However, in this world everything knows which gift box must be delivered . So, this is why I feel everything is perfect Here.

As Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Perfectness too lies in the eyes of beholder. If we wish to see the world as imperfect then our motherly earth fulfills our wishes by showing it as we want to see it.

In reality, if we contemplate deeply then we will recognized that the world is neither perfect nor the imperfect but is as it has to be. Neither can be added nor can't be taken out. But it's the play of mind which project projections on the things that we encounters and makes us to fall in the trap of illusionary world on the basis of balancing nature.

Our positions are rooted to compassion but the balance of nature lies on the state of our mind. Compassion is linked to perfectness but balance is the rule to move everything on the principle of consequences.

Thank you, for your time.......

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Written by   154
10 months ago
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Good job

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10 months ago

I don't think perfection exists

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