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Dust will be Dust

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2 months ago
Topics: Life, Philosophy

At the time of Aristotle, technology wasn't well furnished, and to see the outer world used to be the dream of some scholars. At that time, people were forced to believe the scripts that were enshrined with some fairy tales and some historical facts. This saw culture, custom as prevailing in our days too, why can say is that the habit of society always gets a readymade opponent every time we try to move ourself.

Every religion main objective is always centric on human beings. This, our theories were all earth-centric. Every heavenly body that revolves around us was the basic principle of the sky.

All the wind doesn't flow from west to east, there will be also times in future where it may flow from east to what. To make this theme come true, Galileo appeared. After Galileo, the new concept was aroused as heliocentric. Everything is centred to the sun. Though Galileo was imprisoned to make such conclusions, he opened a new lesson in the history of Astronomy.

After this, many theories are published yearly and many are under study.

We started the race from superstition without any data but now at present days, we have millions and millions of data. We have a clear picture of our solar system. Not only we can predict our solar system life, but we can also track the path of comets making their path to us. And we have now theories and data related to the smallest particles of the universe strings to the bulk particle the sun. Now we have theories related to the formation. Of galaxies, birth and death of the sun.

Now, we have a clear picture that we are born out of dust because we know that galaxies are formed from dust particles.

Whatever religion talks about the origin of life on earth started they can be cutting ideologues but we have facts and prices that our universe started with the accumulation of the dust.

It is amazing fact that we are the by-product of the dust which acted with the pace of consequences and we emerge as we are now.

There is a theory in astronomy, Redshift, which suggests that our universe is expanding at a great speed. This means that we are moving away from the centre.

To this point, the Religious people claim that this whole universe is a body of supreme lower. And the things move as the respiratory system. It is expanding means the inhale process. And they also suggest that when supreme God starts to exhale the air out the universe starts to come closer and closer Well, the universe is expanding there is no doubt but will it contract to reach some point.

After expanding to certain. Limit, the universe or solar systems experiences escape velocity which will act as constraint forces and restricts all bodies to go out of it. This, the system starts to concentrate or falls back to its centre. This idea is what most of the scientist believes.

Now, let's are practical. We know that the universe is expanding if it didn't contract, it will keep on expanding someday it will be diluted and dissolves into the silence of the universe disintegrating its constitutes. That is after millions of years it will be back to dust. Dust will become dust again.

If not, escape velocity acts and contraction takes place. Our whole Universe will be shrink to some mass and explosives happens forming again another universe the same process goes on and on. And on every explosion dust are emitted in space. This goes on and on and finally, we will get a black hole and dust particles surrounding round it. Well, our science doesn't have the answer to what happens to a black hole. And we are only focusing on dust, this, let's keep black hole aside.

In the end, whether we take the right route or left the destination is the same, everything turning into dust.

We all are made from dust and end on dust again dust assembles forms the new universe, again people appears they do their part of the job, animals appear too, plants and at the end again to dust. This is the cycle of life.

Knowing this fact the eastern philosophy advocates the concept of life circle. Everything moving in a circle. And the circle, rotation, reputation is the way of life.

Dust will be dust again.

Thank you,

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Written by   154
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Philosophy
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