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Bull's Eyes remains Untouched

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4 months ago
Topics: Life, Bullseye

The most amazing thing in this world is our mind. It can make things appear simply or sometimes really complicated. It is the mind which hypnotizes us and makes us believe that whatever we believe to home is the truth and those which cones against it as an objection to it is false.

See everyone around, especially to the peoples who belong to different tribes with differing religions than ours. There is always talks about the truth, everyone takes their religion as the true path and will lead to heaven while others are the false one they are the path of hell.

Why is it happening in such a way? The answer is simple i.e. our mind.

Let's see one scientific experiment.

In the 1950s, a Harvard University, Dr Curt Richter and Dr John Hopkins did many experiments taking, including a bucket of water, and rats.

At first, they left the rats inside the buckets half-filled with water. The rats struggled for about 15 minutes on average and gave up, their life.

Now, when at the second time, when the rats were left in the bucket and we're about to give up they were pulling out. Not even a single rat was made to die.

On the third time, the same rats passing the second experiment were put back to the bucket.

The amazing outcome was noted that rats were there swimming for more than 60 hours.

This is the power of the mind. Once it believes in something, you will find it very difficult to dismantle it. This is why? When a man believes and stands in some positions never tried to convenience him. May he move his head, that movement reflects that he just wants to ignore you now.

This, our mind performs mainly three tasks, among that giving orders to parts of the body, let's ignore it, there remain two functions, they are

  1. Understanding

  2. Establishing positions

Understanding and Establishing position

Now the question arises, what we hold in our minds are they the truths? What if what we believe is just the play of mind?

To understand this, we must understand, the ways that one understands and makes conclusions:

There are two ways:

  1. By listening, seeing (without the involvement of self)

  2. By experience(involvement of self)

In both ways rely on the knowledge, wisdom that we have been accumulating in our minds. Thus, when we see, listen, feel only those things that have the most possible causes of happenings around our surroundings. The most possible things are again calculated by our minds.

For example, you meet your distance living girlfriend on a date at some places like a public park.

While having a conversation, your mind will be calculating things and makes positions now she will say this and that and you will be waiting to listen to those words.

But you will miss the birds around the park singing the song of love. You will be more focused on the words of your beloved one.

You will miss the others, just being focused and waiting for the words which our mind had already made the point that it will occur. And when situation the goes in the opposite direction, now you will be filling with anger.

This is how we are hypnotized by our mind and we will be there missing the things around us.

The same happens with our experiences.

If something bad happens to us, we try to make conclusions relating to our positions.

Suppose, if we say some verses of the Quran or Bible by saying Allah says, he will accept it without any reputation because he believes in Allah. He never doubts him. And when we criticised it, they can go beyond and may result to the opposite side. That is why, when Christian listen to Allah, they will not be convinced but read Quran with the cover of the Bible, they will say that's is true.

And when we experience new things we will try to search and connect them to our old positions and try to make links to the newly formed position.

Isn't it amazing that everything that we have understood, and we are understanding and will understand in future is nothing but just an integration of our mind to the real world. This is the point why the bull's eye remains untouched.

More Deeper dimension of understanding

I am in hurry, and someone wants me to write about what I like? without losing a second I will write


And move away.

Reading it, he will understand that I like applications. But in reality, I was to write apple but in hurried, I only wrote the app.

The message is wrongly conveyed.


A blind and is worried about the colour, everybody is talking about black. How is the black colour?

He goes to his friends and asks


His friends, "Black it is like, black buffalo"

Blind and, "how is buffalo"

The next friend jumps in makes a gesture of his hands as horns. And says to touch his hands.

The blind man touches his hands and says," oh! Black means this". And goes away.

Again, when people try to explain something it will be always like the blind man understanding the black colour.

This is why? Every time, the bull's eyes remain untouched.

Thank you,


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Written by   154
4 months ago
Topics: Life, Bullseye
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