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Balance is the way of Life

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2 months ago
Topics: Philosophy, Balance, Life

We see everything with a closer view, we will know that the world stands rooted in balance. This is why nature always tries to create a balance and favors it.

Let's talk about the nature of how are things going on. Air is the result of the pressure difference between two places, to maintain the balance thus, there flows a wind from high pressure to the lower pressure. When sunlight falls on the surface of the water it gets heat up and there will be a temperature difference. To maintain balance, water gets vaporize. Nature itself is a balance where everything exists to maintain the balance and they are the byproducts of the balance itself.

We have understood the system but we haven't found out the driving forces which get involve to maintain balance. We merely know that system itself will be the driving force.

Sometimes, the prevailing balances put constraints on the system which restricts the system to move in that direction. When the system tries to go against the constraints there will arise consequences within the system. Consequences sometimes favor mankind.


When we talk about the system, we must always understand that system comes with two understandings.

  1. Constituents: what makes up the system? How they are? How are they dependent? Their relations?

  2. Norms of the system: Principles, guiding principles,

    Evolution occurs when there is conflict within the system and a paradigm shift occurs when the constituent stands against the norms of the system.

In every system, there are two aspects of seeing things. This applies to everything. When we stand with something we must not forget there too exists its complementary part. When both aspects are brought together to go along with one another, there we will create balance.


When we say balance, the world balance seeks two forms where mostly one stands opposite to another. Some times another is a complementary one where it is missed part. Sometimes it means the exceptional parts. Sometimes people go with the word weight. Balance of weights.

Whatever term we like to go with but we must understand that day must be balanced by night means there always exists two, and there must be equal weights on both sides to create a balance.


Let's talk day and night. At day, nature explores itself with the sun, those singing birds, dancing airs, floating water everything enjoys the nature. They are maintaining the balances. The sun in the sky is struggling to take down the darkness when it wins over again it starts to lose with the darkness. Conflicts go on and on. This, we get day and night. At night, the moon and far away stars show their presence. Everything is appreciating the balance and enjoying it within it.

But what are we doing?

Let's start from the birth. When one is born there are two ways to choose our path being in society. One is being political or economic. One way is the way of accumulating I.e. economic were another way is giving out .i.e. Political.

Political is all about power, centered on the welfare of people, and is a profitless concept. Politics lies in the past times. On the other hand, economics lies in future times. Do some deeds on the present and get rewarded. This is how both concepts were born.

But coming to the 21st centuries there were many shifts in a paradigm that successfully wrote the history from landlords to the financial institutions. Also, we have experienced entanglement between politics and economics. This had made everything convoluted. Now, we see things in all-time reference. Now, we take politics as a way to earn. And we believe that power comes from money.

Some people also take two ways of living, one being attached to the world and the other is detachment. The enlightened person appears from time to time to make aware of living a balanced life being within the life and at the same moment detached from life.

This all is how we see things today.

Where did we fail?

In addition to the mentioned points above, we have been practicing to live a positive life with positive vibes. Our family members, teachers, from our childhood they have been teaching us to live with positive vibes being optimistic. Here, we failed to realize life.

Life is all about balance. As I have been saying from my first post that gaining something in life will create some pitch that will be filled with losing. Gathering always comes with giving out. We failed to realize this fact and always run after profit, earnings. We always ignore the dip that has been created by our accumulation.

Life is a stretch wire. If you try to take it to some extremes it will bouncy back to the same amplitude to the opposite side. When we start to earn, we forget it and see more and more profit in different areas and jump into it. Who cares about the balance, we feel "once, I have money in my hand everything will be in balance".

But when money comes, believe me, you will be not with life. There you stand with money in one hand where on the next moment there is a pitch which can be filled only by your earnings.

When we focus on earning, we will lose our time(time). And when we focus on time(life), again we will be left behind than the prevailing time.

Both money and life(time), can't be taken along with.

Here, again we came to a place where there is no solution out. Where did we miss the flight again? Do we have to lose one always? No, the answer lies in the balance. We have to maintain balance. This is only the way out.


To maintain balance we must deeply understand it. We must understand our life. We must understand the time that is going on.

As mentioned above, balance seeks two poles. We must remain in middle. But seeing the life that we are living is not possible unless we get the root. And the root lies in the world.

The world, I am focusing on here is of two types: the outside world and the inside world.

The outside world is one that is going on. We are also part of this world. It may be outside of us but from others, we are the outside ones. Outsides world is everything going on being governed by some fundamentals laws of nature. Flows of air, sun, moon, everything going is the outside.

We have to understand the outer world. This is why I always say we need to develop art to dance in the tune of nature. We need to flow with nature being aware of it. This is only the way to understand nature.

Every moment must be felt. We must not resist ourselves with the flow of nature.

We must be like the rose plant standing in a garden, moving from left to right and sometimes from right to left with the movement of air. It never ponders about the future, not about the last, it remains there in the moment i.e. present.

This is what is about the outer world.

And what about inside the world?

The inside world is associated with our principle positions that we hold. It is the way of seeing the world. One seeing a plant enjoying the time where another seeing plants being forced to live in that way. These differences in seeing the world are the result of the inner world.

How we must see the world? How we must set our positions? How inside engineering must be done?

This all answer lies,

Jesus says," I am the way"

Lord Krishna says," the last way, for salvation, is I"

Buddha's eightfold path is all about finding I.

Thus, don't be in doubt, the simple answer is to find out your answer of, "WHO AM I?"

The outer World drives the inner world where the inner world too drives the outer world.

Therefore, whatever, the most pivotal point lies in the balancing of the inner world with the outer world.

Thank you......

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Avatar for Lawa1988
Written by   121
2 months ago
Topics: Philosophy, Balance, Life
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