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Are Humans Immortals?

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7 months ago
Topics: Immortals, Human

In the physical world, our journey starts from the womb to the tomb. Let's an expo and on both sides. I am here because of the love that happened between my parents. Can I conclude that my journey started with the union of my parents? Again, I can also say my journey is also linked to my father and mother's childhood. If I go on linking all, I will be linked to every time reference of past time. In the same way, I will be making an impact on all the future time. This, in this perspective we are liked to the existence. We will remain at all the time reference. This is only one of the ways of viewing life to pacify our mind that we will never gonna die.

Not only this, if we observe our life, our life is based on the principle of consequences where one action drags the other. How the consequences will make an impact upon us depends upon how we take everything that is going on and also how we exchange energy with nature, with every entity that exists in this existence. Again, how all this happens depends upon the consequences principle. For example, I will tell some jokes listening to my jokes others will laugh. Here, the laugh is the consequence of my joke but to make another laugh I need to crack the joke. This goes two ways. Everything is triggered with the flow of existence being impacted by the moment just before. This is why? We can make assumptions that in this vast universe there us possibilities of formation of the planet as exact to our earth at same time reference or maybe in past or future reference. There are possibilities. If so, there are also possibilities of the existence of ourselves. This in this sense we never die. Because in some reference of time if the same condition is formed as it is now, There we will appear at that frame because of this principle of consequences.

These two where one is time and the other is action perspective make us assume that we are just outcomes of what is going on. Also, it suggests that in the future if the same condition is satisfied at any reference of time or space there we will appear again. This makes us immortals.

Furthermore, at the times of Mahavir, there are many texts which say that whenever Mahavir used to go from one village to another, flowers used to bloom before their times. This is due to the exchange that takes place between him and the surroundings. As he is an enlightened one, the most apex level that is possible in mankind is one kind of blooming like a flower. We can also feel that environment near the saints gives the vibes of bliss. Where near to the bad people brings bad vibes. This is because that our body can exchange energy with the surroundings. As I said there are always two ways not only our body even every component of existence exists exchanging energy between them.

Once a researcher tried to do some research on a plant. He planted a plant in a pot measuring the mud that was kept there and every time he used to pour water he used to measure its weight. When the plant became significantly large he estimated the weight and was surprised that the weight of the plant was more than the water that he poured. The weight if mud was there there was only slightly decrease but it was concluded that that decrease can be of air. This all weight gain is only possible because there have been exchanging in energies.

If we see everything from the perspective of energy, we are here in this form with exchanging the energy which is present from immemorial time. When we die we give back the energy. This exchange of energy doesn't support the concept of birth and death it only supports is an exchange between two entity which Is what we understand by life.

Live that we witness ourselves is going on in its path. We don't have any control over it. Since our birth and death is not in our hand, this fact makes that nothing is in our hand. But we are hypnotized to believe that we are living by our mind. This sun rises on its times, brings seasons with the revolution around, everything is happening on its own. Our life is also going on, on its own. It is something life as we are pushed to earth and someone has turned on the switch of light and it is going on. With this dynamic continuously changing attributes of nature, we too go on changing both in physical and psychological aspects which is not in our hands. Everything is going on and on.

As we have seen taking time, energy, and action reference our life is just an outcome of impacts of the previous moment. One moment goes on triggering the other moment which goes on continuing and is happening from the beginning of our time. Which is going on. In this process, we are one of the outcomes of it. And as we observe deeply, we are neither born in this system nor gonna die, we only act as a medium. We are not a factor in this system. But the system act upon us.

If we observe the existence with the mind, obviously we can conclude that we will die. But in the broader concept no we can't.

Thank you......

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Written by   154
7 months ago
Topics: Immortals, Human
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