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Are Gods dead?

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1 month ago
Topics: God, Dead

When we get a question, the answer must come holding the same sense of the question. Like if I ask you," what are the alternative theories that we can develop of capitalism?". Now here, to answer it one must be aware of two things. The first line is the meanings of the words that are used in questions like, alternative theories, capitalism, develop. Know these all is not enough to answer any query we need another aspect too that is more important and plays a prime role in the intention of the answer seeker. If my understanding of capitalism is different than his one which he had stored in his head, we may get into trouble. Therefore, the answer must be a relevant one as well as parallel to the asker.

Today, focusing on both aspects, let us start our journey to get the answer to our gods dead?

Let's first try to understand what is gods and dead? How do we understand it?


As my previous posts, I have been defining Gods for a long time. if you are following me, last time I posted a post about forming the equation of gods where we took variables because God itself stands with broad meaning. When something caries broad sense we can easily collect variables.

Today also let's go with what is God? Let's be pragmatic, we are not gonna use imaginative reasons.

When we look around, say in our vicinity there we find everything moving in random order. Those barking dogs without any pattern they bark, the path of air, people making noise, vehicles on the roads. Everything seems going on moving on, on their path. Yeah! They seem to be random with perplexed tracing but if we go on tracing a long turn we will be amazed to find out that everything will be following certain rules. One day the study won't make us reach the conclusion it needs years.

Listen to the news of climate, how they know when will it rain? It is because of comparing the long term pattern, I mean the result of previous data and now. We match the date and find out what happened at that time. This is how they predict the climate the next day. Everything, that is moving randomly when trace a graph follows the pattern. This is why now we see our markets in graphs. Demand and supply graphs, last year's demand was this now is this, oh demand candles are forming in a bullish run.

See, how amazing world is there lies a pattern, there lies a certain rule in randomness too.

I believe it is God, who is working to make everything go with the pattern. It can't only be the demand and supply chains. Gods are beyond those. If we go on further beyond the graphs we can find God busy in making the next candle to our life.

Now, isn't it relevant to ask oneself a question," who is there to maintain these rules? what is making this amazing combo going on, patterns within the randomness?"

When we ask a religious person he would say, "obviously, God" when we ask the same question to the money-minded person he will say," desire of people" for him/her God is the last option to earn money without any investment. If you ask a politician, he would say," it is a flow of power, energy".

See, this is how God that I understand God which is different than you understand. There may be one God but believe me, God that we understand is different than a person standing next to us.

Some may understand as they are made to understand it as of their holy scripts? Some may go with "there doesn't exist a God".


How do we understand death?

Some define death as not alive. Not alive means the absence of life. When life is absent it indicates a lack of awareness. Lack of awareness in our day to day life.

This is what we understand in the physical world. But in philosophical world, there is no death. Only changing the forms, transfer of energy, cause, and effect. In the philosophical world.

If we see the world from Darwinism sunglasses, we find that our world works on the, "struggle for existence" and I would like to call it "the principle of consequences".

After the big bang, everything started even the time. Immediately cooling followed, there started formations of planets. After the formation of planets, due to chemical composition there start life from a single organism. This went on and on, after millions and millions of years. we are at the one corner of the universe. This is all because of the principle of consequences where one even pulls another and it goes on continuously.

Isn't it possible that in this universe where even our imagination can't go beyond the boundary of the universe to have the same condition and situation as our solar system? If it is as our planet, there is also a maximum possibility of life. Even the imaging fact is that there are possibilities of existence myself there.

If our time frame is in different periods then it is possible to go there and do a study about them which will reflect our history. Sometimes, I feel that aliens come to earth to study their ancestors.

Now say me, if you believe in the principle of consequences there is no death only cause and effect. This continuous train dragging self from the eternal, I would like it to be called the language of existence. From this train, we get the sound of love.

And we humans are self-centered. We see everything being centered on our self. After 100 years we won't be there that means there won't be any center that we understand as death.

If we see everything with the reference from individual prospective dead is possible but if we change the sunglasses to the broad concepts or the perspective which is rooted in the whole system dead is not possible.

Now let's enter the question

Are Gods dead?

What we learned till now is that God can be understood with different meanings while death has two possible meanings. Among two if one ignores death means we drop that concept because if there is no death, " there is no point of asking about God's death". This, here death refers to the absence. Coming to this point we made the question as:

Are Gods(carry various meaning) dead(absent)?

Now it is easy to answer,

  1. If we choose to stick with God means the one who controls all the system, the system is going on till now, he must be there. Yeah! Gods are not dead.

  2. If we understand God as the figures that are described in scripts like, Zeus, Shiva we can't find them means they are dead now.


Are gods dead? The answer lies in how we understand the term, God. And Gods holds different positions with different heads.

Therefore, if someone asks you questions about Gid, like Do you believe in God? Does God exist?. Don't answer him/her immediately but in return asked him what do you understand by God.

Questions related to God can only be answered knowing the meanings of God.

Religions around the world had failed to realize, that our God is different than theirs, so they get into a debate on the topic to God. If every religion understands God in the same way as one does, we would have lived in peace. But Christians try to imbue their meanings to Hindu ideology, Hindu people see god as they are made to know God. How can we enjoy peace in such a scenario?

I believe that, if we stop to see the world from our eyes and try to see the world from others perspective too, we will enjoy the tune of nature.........

Thank you, for your time...

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Written by   121
1 month ago
Topics: God, Dead
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