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Presearch is one of the popular search engine used by different crypto-enthusiast as it is decentralized and offering a unique service where you can earn free $PRE tokens every time you search. It can be the stepping stone for newbies in a new world [of crypto] by introducing it with its service.

By reading this article you will know the following:

  • What and why Presearch?

  • Why Presearch and how it is different to other search engine?

  • How to set Presearch as your default search engine on Android?

  • What and how keyword staking works?

  • Stepping stone of your friends in the world of crypto.

Once you are done reading this, you probably consider to choose Presearch over other search engine such as Google which is centralized.

What is Presearch?

As what I have said earlier, it is a decentralized search engine powered by the blockchain technology where your data are safe because it is stored and encrypted on the blockchain.

With the use of this engine, you can search privately, meaning, you are not sharing your data to anyone and you have a control with it using private key.

Why Presearch and how it is different to other search engine?

Presearch is decentralized so no need to worry about your data and information that you are searching because it is secured, always keep your privacy.

Meanwhile, the other search engine which is commonly used by many people such as Google, it is centralized where they can collect your data and information which is quite risky as a user. I watched a video before that when the platform can get your data, it is possible that they are selling it to big companies so they can send you different advertisement which is based on your interests. What if Google is doing that, right? Well, we're not sure though!

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that Google is doing that, I only used it as an example since it is centralized.

This is the reason why we need to consider to use Presearch as our default search engine. Safe, private, and secured!

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How to set Presearch as your default engine on Android?

I assume that most of the users here are using their mobile phones this is why I will teach how to set Presearch as your default search engine on your Brave browser.

Take note that you can also use this in your personal computer and laptop but let's focus on Mobile phones on this tutorial.

Before, I think it is not available in Android or any other mobile phones but by doing some research, I found out that we can set up it with simple steps.

Steps to set up Presearch as your default engine

All you need to do is to manually search on your browser and use it as an engine.

Try to use it for once or twice, remember that you need to login your account first so your $PRE tokens will be accumulated on your account.

👉If you still don't have an account, just click this text and get free 25 $PRE token.👈

After using it for once or twice, go to the settings of your Brave browser (maybe you can also do it on your other browser but I haven't tried it yet.) Go to the “Search Engine” as you can see, the engine was added on the list.

You can go back on the home page of Brave browser, your search tab should have this (Look at the photo). Once it has a logo of Presearch, it indicates that you are using Presearch as your default engine.

Keyword Staking

We have this thing called “Keyword staking”, you can stake your $PRE tokens and add a keyword on your stake. Example is “BCH” once you put it as your keyword, you can put your link, keyword staking is like an advertisement with a touc of bidding. When some people searched for “BCH” it is possible that your link will appear above the search option and promote your link.

Keyword staking has only few requirement such as your keyword, the link that you want to promote, and the description to hook the Preseaechers. You can also track the number of people who clicked your link.

However, this staking is like a bidding. Why? When you staked 1000 $PRE tokens with a keyword “BCH” but someone staked 2000 $PRE tokens with the same keyword as yours, the keyword will not he yours because it will be on the highest staked. On the other hand, you can get the keyword again if you staked higher than the current user's staked.

Share your referral link

Good thing is this engine has an affiliate program where you can invite other people that you want to introduce into crypto. In this way, both of you will get free $PRE tokens on your account as long as your invite is constantly using it.

As what you have read on the introduction, this can be the stepping stone to your colleagues to enter the crypto-verse. Additionally, you are also helping the PRE community to have more users to use this Search engine so all users will have a benefits based on the projects of the community.


This search engine is like a sleeping giant, it will be the one of the best search engine if we will continue to use and support the community.

We can do it by spreading its benefits to different people such as your friends and family.

Last March 18, 2021, the Presearch published an article in Publish0x celebrating the 2 million registered users. Are you the one of those million users? If not, it's better to late than never!

Sign up now and get free 25 $PRE tokens!

Now, what do you think is the best search engine?

Keep using Presearch and earn free $PRE tokens!



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