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Increase your productivity and improve time management

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1 month ago

I tried this cool way of increasing productivity and good to know that somehow, it works. Hopefully, it will continue. In the last few months, I've been inactive in posting my blogs, interacting on my circle of friends, reading, and participating in drops and contest. It is all because of personal issues, laziness and unending works. 

Last week, I tried to open myself again in cryptocurrency and realized that I missed a lot of things and most likely back-to-zero situation. Hence, I tried to do a research in smartBCH tokens, explore other earning and blogging platform, and tracking my portfolio. 

I am doing my best to improve my productivity each day and divide my works to finish them on time. I do believe that time management is important. 

So, how I did it? Seriously, there is only one thing that will help you and it is self-discipline. It is one of the hardest traits to apply on yourself. Thus, if you are having a trouble, forcing youself (slowly) is a must because it's hard if you are driven by laziness. 

Desperately, I searched for applications that you can download on PlayStore that will force you to do your works first before using other social media and games.

This app is called Block, it is an app where it can access your notifications, activities on your screen [time usage], and block your apps.

The blocking app is completely customizable, you can customize the app that you want to block. Example, you can block your Facebook app for the time duration that you want (e.g 4 hours). You can create different blocks or category to easily block more than one application.

As what you can see on the photo, I created two blocks namely Games and Social. To be honest, these applications are blocked since morning and I put their time duration up to 8-12 hours so I can do my activities. 

It sucks that I cannot even do my works because of laziness. Good thing is I manage to finish some of them with the help of this incredible app.

I rarely use Facebook but last week, I have a lot of internet data to use and I spent most of them in watching Facebook videos. As a result, I did not manage to explore cryptocurrency topics and finish my school works. 

The data or graph above shows a huge difference on my time usage of Facebook app started on Sunday until Today, Friday. 

One of the cool things in this app is they are not only blocking your apps, it will send you a pop up notification when you opened a blocked app. The notification includes a motivational quote related to time management and productivity.

This is one of the examples of quote and notification from them. You can also customize the quote that you want to appear once you opened a blocked app.

I can delete the app to unblock the blocked apps. Maybe you are thinking about this? But there is an answer about this, you can prevent uninstallation of this app on its settings. You only need to turn it on your system settings. 

If you are desperate to manage your time, you can turn it on. 

Additionally, you can add taking notes of the things that you are planning to do and make it a hobby for better time management. In my case, I am listing the things that I need to do for tomorrow every night so I can manage my time and finish my works on time. 

But this technique didn't work to me, although I listed the things on my to do list I cannot control myself in procrastinating and being lazy. This is the problem that I need to overcome.


The Block app is effective, stopping yourself on doing unnecessary activities will force you to do your works first and stop scrolling on nonsense things. 

Nevertheless these ways of avoiding procrastination is not enough to control yourself. It is always a matter of self-discipline and laziness. As what they have said, “If there's a will there's a way.” do your best to be productive and spend your time wisely. Time is one of the best assets that you cannot retrieve.

Published: October 8, 2021

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Written by   334
1 month ago
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Just finished reading at a speed but comprehensively! Might download that app but very tempting 😂 and I'm the type of person who can easily be distracted! Hhaaha even Pmodoro technique is hard for me now hahaha well anyways, like what you saidx "if there's a will, there',s a way"

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1 month ago

Hahahaha I also used Pomodoro but nah it's easy to stop the 25 mins timer, it only works for me in one day and the next days... nevermind. I'm desperate to be productive 🤣

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1 month ago