How To Buy And Power Up Your Hive Token?

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2 years ago
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It's been days since we post an update, in the last blog, we discussed the community of HIVE and LeoFinance where it brings opportunity to earn while learning and making circle of support. So far, my stay on this community feels great and earning a dollar in short posts. Like, they also have Dbuzz where you can post everything. I always use this platform and receive upvotes between $0.10-$1 per post, it depends on your content.

There are things that you need to consider upon joining the community, it is the resources which makes it unique on other platform. In Hive community, you will spend resources on every activity that you will do either posting, publishing, comment, and more. No need to worry because this resources has no dollar value, it is not a money. It is like your energy on the platform.

Now, this resources will recover everyday but it will takes time. However, you can speed up the recovery of your resources if you will stake your Hive token. This will help you to recover your resources quickly. Hence, if you want to spend your time in Hive community longer, and interact everytime, then you will need a lot of resources and buying Hive token will help you to do it, then stake them on your wallet.

Now, this blog will help you to buy Hive token using blocktrades, I will convert some of my Bitcoin cash into Hive token. 

Firstly, you need to go in blocktrades and create your account by providing your email and password. After creating your account, set up your transaction, please put the coin that you are going to use to convert it into Hive Token. In my case, I use Bitcoin cash, then put the output which is Hive.

After that, provide your Hive address. Hive community is unique because everything is connected on Hive blockchain, even your address. The username that you are using on your account is also your address, no need to worry in the receive memo because Hive Keychain is not providing it, just ignore. Make sure that you input your correct username and address.

Finally, click the Get Deposit Address. The Bitcoin cash address (or the coin’s address that you used as an input) will appear, copy and send the same mount that you input.

Blocktrades will do the rest to convert your coin into Hive. Please wait for 10-30mins to process your transaction, unfortunately, I forgot to record the exact time before the conversion be completed.

Once done, download Hive Keychain wallet on your Mobile Phone. If you are using personal computer or laptop, you can add Hive Keychain on your extensions then sign in your Hive account, your Hive balance should appear on your wallet. According to @savvyplayer, Hive Keychain is considered as non-custodial wallet so no need to worry. 

How To Power Up Your Hive Token?

Now that you are done in buying your Hive token, it is better if you will stake them to recover your resources quickly. This will help you to interact more on Hive community.

In your Hive Keychain wallet, your balance should appear. Then you must click the yellow button, the button where there is a lightning logo.

This button means power up, input the amount of HIVE that you want to power up. In my case, I power up all of my Hive, it is the reason why it says zero balance. Once done, click send. Then you are done in power up. 

Final words

HIVE community is a broad platform that brings a lot of opportunities to its users. I like everything on Hive blockchain, especially its gaming which is Splinterlands where it gives you an opportunity to earn while playing. 

Overall, the concept of this community is unique on other platform that satisfies its users. I want to dig deeper in this community. They even have a lot of platforms to use, they also offers a lot of token, opportunity is everywhere! Joining on their platform is a must.

Published: November 3, 2021

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2 years ago
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How would you trade your HIVE Tokens into BTC?

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2 years ago

I haven't tried it yet but I think you can do the same in blocktrades.

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2 years ago