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Family Treasure (Fiction)

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1 month ago

I was catching my breath and running away from my mother as she was mad like a tiger. She caught me playing with my friends and not studying enough in school, I asked her last week that we need $20 in school for a project. But I lied. It was not for a project but to buy cigarettes and smoke with my friends. 

I don't like going to school. I remember when my dad left us because he is well-educated and he was always looking down on my mom. Until then, I wanted to get revenge. I want to prove that I will be successful without having a degree; without going to school. I don't want to be like my dad. 

I continued to run after the quick flashback in my mind. I know that running away from my mother is a bad idea, but I don't know how to face her. I'm ashamed of her. 

I didn't notice that I was now passing the road and my mom suddenly shouted at me. "Vince!". I looked back and everything became blank. I can't feel my body. Then I feel my eyes slowly closing.

When I woke up from our house, it was surprising that the first person that I saw was my grandfather. I love him, he always takes care of our family. He gives everything to us no matter how poor our family is. 

"Hey, Vince. Wake up" his shaky and sweet voice made me smile. "Grandpa! It's nice to see you again" I smiled and hugged him. He laughed and went to the kitchen. "Come here, you have to eat."

I decided to eat with him. I'm hungry to the point that I feel that I haven't eaten anything for weeks. "Haha, you're eating like a kid huh?" He laughed at me.

"Hmm. Yeah, I just feel that I haven't eaten for weeks". 

"Okay then. Later we'll go somewhere. I think you will be happy with my news" he continued while smiling.

"Where? What?" I curiously asked him but he never answered. 

I turned on the television after eating. It was on the lottery channel. *I hope I can win the lottery someday so I can take care of my mom.*

" And here we go again on the favorite channel of all lottery players! Channel 13!"

The announcement of the winners started and I was shocked by it.

"Finally! Someone won the biggest jackpot! And it is none other than…Ramon Vivencio Rogers!"

I am shocked. It is my grandfather. I looked at him standing in front of the kitchen when he smiled and laughed at me. "Did you hear that? We won!" I said to him, "Now we're rich! Mom doesn't need to work anymore".

He caressed my back and looked at me. "Do you love your mother?". He asked.

"Of course…"

"That's why you need to go back." 

"Go back? Where?"

"To your mom, didn't you notice? She's not here. But I am here."

Then it hits me. I know what he's saying. Then he smiled.

"You know what day it is today?" He suddenly asked while I was staring blankly outside. I shook my head.

"Today is Wednesday. September 16, 1936." I was shocked by his words. I was about to look at him when everything became white. I can't see anything but his smile. He suddenly fades away and what I hear is my mom's voice and the loud beeping noise of the machines around me. I'm in the hospital.

"His vitals are back to normal…and he's awake now." The doctor in her gown walked away then I saw my mom approaching my bed.

"You okay?" She asked. Instead of answering her question, I asked about the date today.

"What? Today is September 15. It's been a week since you were hospitalized." She answered. 

"Mom goes to the lottery station, and bets for the numbers 09 16 19 36."

Even though she was confused, she went to the station and went back to the hospital while bringing food. I ate a lot of food and then felt dizzy. I decided to sleep and take a rest.

I woke up with my mom beside me, she was crying. "Hey mom, I'm alive don't worry."

She looked into my eyes and suddenly hugged me. "No, son. Thank you."

"For what?" I replied to her, confused.

She looked at the TV, it was on the lottery channel. Things are going back to my head, it feels de javu. And there, the announcer announced the randomly picked numbers. It was 09 16 19 36. We hit the jackpot.

I closed my eyes and smiled while saying, "Thanks, grandpa." 

I recovered quickly after 3 days. I can't believe that I was hit by the car that night.

We now have a good life after hitting a jackpot in the lottery. I also realized that I should continue studying, my bond with my mom is getting stronger. Here we are, visiting a special person from the cemetery.

I looked at the tombstone on my front with the name Ramon Vivencio Rogers engraved. It was my grandfather. 

In loving memory of 🕊️

Ramon Vivencio Rogers

Died: 09-16-1936

I am not sure if we can call this flash fiction but I will consider this as part of the prompt based on the theme. There are some parts of the story based on my dream so I guess it somewhat fits the theme @JonicaBradley ✍️

Published: May 13, 2022

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Written by   455
1 month ago
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