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Are Parrots can be a witness?

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1 month ago
Topics: Birds, Crime, Murder

Are you fond of the creature on the sky and flocking their own feathers to see the beauty of the nature? —they are birds! Well, if you are expecting to read about the good characteristics of birds, then you will be disappointed, in this content, we will talk about the murder.

How birds are related to the murder?

Well, outside Grand Rapids Michigan on May 12, 2015, 45 years old Marty Duram was found shot to death while his wife, Glenna Duram was badly injured with a gunshot wound on the head. The police think that they are both crime victims not until the pet bird—African Gray Parrot, Bud, reenact the “murder”.

Bud, the name of the bird owned by Marty Duram reenact the murder by mimicking the words and events happened during the murder. Here are the words mimicked by Bud, “No! Don’t f—ing shoot!” “Shut up!” “Get your expletive over here now!” Those are the statements from Bud, this video was captured by the parents of Marty Durham. It also became trending and can be watched in National News.

This video helped the officials including the police to investigate the case, during the investigation, they found out that the husband and wife are experiencing a financial problem, “their house was being sold in a sheriff sale which is a foreclosure type proceeding…” as stated by the prosecutor. During the investigation, police said that Glenna Duram might killed and shot her husband to death and tried to shoot herself, but it leads to a failed suicide attempt.

Marty’s parents believed that Bud really witnessed the events happened on the murder as it was on the house during the crime. Prosecutor Ellsworth also believed that the parrot witnessed everything, however, he said that he ruled anyone, including the parrot to testify on the court.

Now, the question is, are birds (or Bud) can testify on the court? According to my research, “The answer is, of course, probably not. At least, the bird cannot testify as a witness in the traditional sense. Michigan rule of Evidence 603 requires that “before testifying, every witness shall be required to declare that the witness will testify truthfully, by oath or affirmation administered in a form calculated to awaken the witness’ conscience and impress the witness’ mind with the duty to do so.”

Glenna Duram was charged with murder accused shooting her husband five times then turning the gun on herself in a failed suicide attempt, she was convicted and was clearly not happy on the verdict.

African Gray Parrot

They are known as intelligent bird species as they can mimic the human speech, the officials also ask the experts when it comes to animal such as Bud and they said that it is possible that Bud really witnessed and heard the whole scene turned out by mimicking it.

As this species are sensitive in a traumatic scene, Bud is now in the custody of the murder victims’ ex-wife, Christina Keller, “When Bud says the words, I feel like it’s being relieved in front of me. My house goes cold with the feeling the emotions of that night.” As stated by Christina. The case was closed, and the culprit faces life in prison at her sentencing at the end of the next month.

This event shows that even animals can save us from danger and can be our “mouth” in times that we cannot speak. We need to care on our pets and love them if we can. Sometimes, animals can show “humanity” compared to the humans like us.

How about you? Do you think that Bud witnessed the whole crime and saying the truth? Do you think Glenna killed her husband? What’s your reaction after reading this?


Published: April 15, 2021

Last update: May 3, 2021

This article was republished and written by Laurenceuuu.

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Written by   248
1 month ago
Topics: Birds, Crime, Murder
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