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Pythagoras on Discipline and Temptation

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10 months ago

Pythagoras said:

“Comprehend not few things in many words but many things in few words.

We must avoid with our utmost endeavor, and amputate with fire and sword. and by all other means: from the body, sickness; from the soul, ignorance; from the belly, luxury; from a city, sedition; from a family, discord; from all things, excess.

It is better to live lying on the ground with a settled conscience than to have a golden bed and be troubled.

Temperance is the strength of the soul; for it is the light of the soul, clear from Passion.

To serve passions is more grievous than to serve tyrants.

No man is free who does not command himself.

Desire that they who converse with you should rather respect than fear you. For admiration accompanies respect; hatred, fear.

He permitted not that any man should pray for himself, because none knows what is good for himself.”







Painting: Lais of Corinth by Hans Holbein the Younger

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