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The story of Hamiltons flutist

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10 months ago

The name of the city is Hamelen 8 Everyone knows him as Hamilton Small, arranged, beautiful city Hamilton 6 The people of that city are very sad There is a flood of rats I am talking about 1264 Thousands of rats 7 Here and there 6

Go inside the house there are also rats Suppose a child goes to school, packs a bag, and sees five rats in that bag. Or rats gripping children's feet on the school playground What a mess! The mayor of the city is in great danger City father has no sleep What will he do ...

On such a rat day, a strange man came to Hamilton The man is wearing a short colored cloak,

Strange man arrives in Hamilton on such a rat day (file photo)

A hat hanging up like a funnel on the head A long flute in hand 7 Ah, what a beautiful man playing the flute ...

The mayor's office in the middle of the city At one time there were people in the sun Today that situation is no more People spend their days at home somehow The office is cutting the court papers and making the rats and their cubs into one The dignitaries of the city therefore sat in the meeting The thought of what can be done has fallen on everyone's forehead The strange bassist arrived at that meeting ...

: I can solve your problem I am a rat hunter I can drive all the rats out of this city

The mayor frowned a little

: What do you want in return?

Then the people present there said in unison .... We will give you whatever you want Ask for money, ask for gold, ask for land, ask for a house, ask for a house, I will give you everything, just protect us.

The man smiled a little Then he went out and took out a great flute from his colorful cloak ..... Then he started playing the flute on the way to Hamilton. He is the group of thousands of rats in the city attracted by an unknown melody of the flute

Hamilton's flute player was never seen again (file photo)

The man is tied up and running behind him Rats are coming out in groups from the sewers, from the dark alleys, from the back of the kitchen. The group of rats is mad at the hypnosis of the melody

নদী The river next to the city is called Vezar 8 The man did not stop He started walking along the river Vezar And a group of rats began to follow him in a strange melody At one point the tune of the flute player stopped What a chakrabanke a madness came and filled the group of rats And he seemed to jump into the river in a frenzy ...

This is how Hamilton's flute player saved the townspeople from the clutches of rats But then?

After the rat had left, the mayor of the city and the dignitaries of the city came and asked for his honor. But you know what happened ... the mayor and his cronies not only gave the gold they deserved, but also reprimanded the flutist.

The flute player was very sad Tears in his eyes The desire for revenge is in him A few days later, when the people of the town were praying in their church, the angry, deceived flutist returned.

This time he has a long red hat on his head The strange dress wrapped around her body is very long He took out a small flute That flute sounded But this time the flute has a completely different melody At that tune, the rat did not come out again All the children's groups in the city came out In the murmur of the melody, from the narrow path behind the flute player to the big path 6 The group of children is advancing from the foot of the hill to the bank of the river This group also has the beloved daughter of the mayor of the city Then he got lost with the children with the flute This hill, that river, the next town, all the places that the children could not find If found, only two children 6 They had to return as they were delayed due to not being able to keep pace with the procession One of them was blind and did not know where everyone went Another dumb man could not say anything .....

After that, Hamilton's flutist was never seen again

Reporter: Sagar Sarwar

Edited by Abdullah Al-Farooq

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Written by   1
10 months ago
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Very legit airticle post you write .carry on bro

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10 months ago

I like your story very much.

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10 months ago

Thanks guys

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10 months ago