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Recent love of little wife.

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1 year ago

No ,,, what Jalai Morlam Ray Baba ,,, Bouto just cries in words

Shut up, don't cry, shut up, I'm talking

Well Dad, you are not a demon, you are a very good girl

I am happy this time ...

Wife: Yes

Hey, what a girl Mairi ,,, in an instant the crying stopped ,,,

I washed my wife's hand ...

Wife: Why are you washing my hands?

I will not wash my hands.

Wife: If I wash my hands, I'll cry again.

I: - Why are you crying? ...

Wife: I think a boy can't touch his body, my father has also said. Not to mix with any boy.

I: - When did you say? ...

Wife: When I was in class nine ...

I: - I still remember ???.

Wife: Yes, there is ...

I: - Then with me Are you talking about Bose? ..

Wife: You look a lot like my brother, hee hee hee, he smiles like a child.

I: - What ?? ...

Sala wants to hang himself with a kachu tree.

I washed my hand for a little love and made Salar Boro a brother ... what a fortune for me ...

I: - Go sister you go to mother ,,,, ..

My wife started laughing when she heard me ..

I: - Why are you smiling? ...

Wife: Does anyone call her sister? ..

I: Do you understand that?

Wife: Huh, father calls his mother's name Dhore, brother also calls Bhabi's name Dhore. So you will call my name soon ,,, ..

I: - What is your name? ...

Wife: You weren't called my name, I'm a doll.

I: - ,, Your name is very beautiful and my name is ,,,, ...

The wife stopped me and said? ...

Puppet: * I know your name ,, bastard ,,, ..

Hearing such words on the face of my wife, I ate Tashki ...

I: - What? ..

Puppet হে * Hey, your mother said to see if the bastard woke up. "That's why I came to see."

I: - So my name is bastard ?? ...

Puppet: * I know ,,, I have heard the name Nawabzada ,, but this is the first time I have heard the name Haramzada ,, good or bad ,,, ..

Allare aya tuilaloo upar .....

Puppet: - Where to go? ..

I: - I will go to hell.

Puppet: -Mom said it is a very bad place, it hurts a lot ,,, there is no need to go there ,,, rather you go somewhere else and bring chocolate for me ..... Yesterday all that was given from home is over ...

I: - Chocolate ,,,, Where did you get it last night ?? ..

Putula: - I thought ,,, I thought I would have to stay alone or at night so I brought it ..

Ma go I went crazy where are you (I said loudly) ...

M: Why are you shouting like a bull?

I: - Your chosen wife will send me crazy.

M: Why did it happen? ...

I: - Nothing happened, you take him ..

M: How many goals a girl has Come, mother, come with me.

Puppet: Well, Aunty, isn't your son's name a bastard? ...

Who said that? ...

Puppet: - Aunty, you said that then ,,,

M: Hey, I just said that ,,, any of you

Don't know his name? ...

Puppet: I heard Abir, and when you said haramzada, I thought, haramzada nickname ...

Mother laughed and said ,,,

Crazy girl

Me: You two will get out of my room ...

M: I'm going to eat quickly.

I left the room and went to eat. I went and saw my wife watching TV. Emma was watching Katun.

Anyway, I have a lot in common with my wife, I also love to see Katun.

For so long, I was just looking at my wife.

This time my head is spinning when I see the person next to my wife.

My mother is feeding him and he is watching TV like a child.

Am I really in my bar or have I come to Chole on another planet ..,

My mother has not fed me for 3-4 years, when I asked her to feed me, she said, "Allah did not give you your hand. Eat it with your own hands."

The phone rang ...

Who called again this time ,,, ..

Me: Hello who? ..

In a feminine voice ,,, Abir ..

I: - No, I'm a bastard.

Girl: What? ..

I: Oh, I'm Abir, who are you?

Girl: I am thinking of you.

I: - I don't have any brother ,,,

I think: I am thinking of a doll, ..

Me: - Who's the doll? ...

I think: - Who doesn't know the doll? .. Your wife ,,, ..

I: - Oh, I heard the name a little earlier .. I do not understand what happened ,,.

I think: - How are you? ..

I: - I don't understand that, I won't laugh or cry ...

I thought: Why are the dolls doing something? ..

I: - What else will he do? ... Well, I think the doll is 18 years old ?? ..

I think: Why? ...

I: - I don't remember seeing it ...

Bhabhi: - In fact, he is not very familiar with the external environment ,,, he has no idea how people can be ,,, he thinks of us as he thinks of you, so he thinks of me ,,, so it is .. the ones that used to be in the bar .....

I: - I don't understand, I think ,,,,.,

I thought: - Maybe tomorrow my father will go to your house to bring you ,,, you will actually tell you all about him .....

I: Well.

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1 year ago
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I like your story very much. I learned a lot after reading the story. I hope you will go through the story in this way

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1 year ago

Fine and cute article post guys .I really like it so much .by the by every thing is so important for me

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1 year ago