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Neglected love

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1 year ago

Without saying a word, the 3rd World War broke out over me. He considered himself a government property. Otherwise, someone kills someone like this. However, I did not get much pain. 🥴

At one point, Apu stopped and sat quietly. I leaned on it with my hands behind my back and looked at the moon in the sky as if I was sitting leaning back. Apu is looking at me. I realized that without looking at him, I said,

Me: Say something?

Nila came to my side and sat down, rubbing my body. Suddenly he sat with me like this and when I wanted to move in the opposite direction, he sat holding my hand.

Nila: Do you have itching in your body? And it starts when I sit down with you? (Very angry)

Me: Actually, you know what I feel like in front of me. One thing comes to mind.

Nila: What are you talking about?

I: I will say, but do not be angry again?

Nila: Well, you say.

Me: Actually, a girl is equal to 100 devils. This is actually in my head so I stay away from you. 😝😝

Nila: I am yours

I ended up laughing at his anger. Seeing my smile, he could no longer control his anger and punched me a few times. I am saying with great courage that I did not get much pain this time. 😏 But I liked his soft hand beating. 🥰

After a while, Apu stopped and kept her head down. I got up and looked at my sister. I see she is crying.

Me: What happened to you? Are you in pain somewhere? (Upset)

Nila: Hmm, a lot.

Me: Where to show?

Nila: You can't see even if you want to.

Me: It said something. You said I'm taking care of myself.

Nila: Here. (He puts his hand on her chest)

I looked the other way. What does he say? The head is fine.

Me: What did I do when?

Nila: In fact, you have not been able to forgive me yet. So you are still far away from me. (In a haughty tone)

Me: You're wrong.

Nila: No, I am right. Otherwise, why do you still call me you? And if you love me, why don't you come to me. You don't understand anything. How much I love you. (Shouted very loudly)

Me: Say what you want to answer first.

Nila: You answer all of them. (Crying)

I: It is not possible to give everything at once.

Nila: Hmm, I know. You don't love me at all. In fact, you could not forgive me. (Absolutely cried)

Me: It's been a long time. Be quiet this time. (Annoyed)

Nila: Shall I be silent, yes.

(Holding the curler of my shirt)

Don't say this once, I love you. (Tears are running down her cheeks)

Me: Listen, the man of love has to forgive him no matter how big his mistake is. But it is different for the dishonest.

Nila: So? (Stops crying)

I put Nila in my lap. Nila looked at me with big eyes. I put her on my lap and asked her to wipe away her tears,

Me: I'm still with you because I love you. I didn't push you away for even a moment. (Looking into Nilar's eyes)

Nila: You really love me. (Very happy)

Me: Hmm, a little bit. (Jokingly)

Nila: The devil is behind. (Killing in the chest)

He hugged me very tightly. I also hugged the man I love.

After a long stay.

Me: You will not sleep.

Nila: No.

Me: Why?

Nila: I will spend the whole night like this. (Kisses me on the chest)

I got up in town.

Me: Hey hey, what are you doing. Why are you so cunning? You used to oppress my lips, now you are looking for a new place.

Nila: Hmm, I'm Luchu. Everything in the back is mine. 😘🤩

Me: What did you say?

Nila: What? (Pretending not to know)

Me: I'm back. 😕😒

Nila: Hmm, you're behind.

Me: Except today, tomorrow I will be a father and now you call me back?

Nila: How?

Me: I'll show you.

Nila: Hmm, show me.

Since Nila was already sitting on my lap, I got down from the roof and took her straight to the room without any delay. Nila is moving her hands and feet to run. And saying, what are you doing?

I told him why you didn't want to see. So I'll show it.

As soon as I put Nila to bed and closed the door,

Nila: You mean this but I don't like it. You will not come to me.

Me: Ha ha, I'm not following. Wait, today I am showing you what punishment I give for the crime of calling me back.

Nila: Not this. I'm listening. Yet do not punish me.

Me: We have to start working for the arrival of the new back. However, up to 11 people will stop. রাংSo get ready.

Nila: I'm finished. You ,,,,,,,

I started giving it to Nila without telling her anything else. If you want to know the rest, get married. 😏😏

# Will continue.

The next part will be given tomorrow. I'm sorry for shortening the episode.

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Written by   1
1 year ago
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