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Meanwhile, after a week, he went to the elusive washroom and vomited several times and became senseless.

-Adhara's father immediately called the doctor and brought him home. The doctor looks at the elusive, 'a little surprised and says,' Mr. Nian is going to be your daughter's mother.

- Adhara's father was shocked when he heard about Dr. Ihtesham. What is going to happen in the life of the elusive. Hearing the doctor's words, Mr. Nian is sitting with a sad face.

The elusive doctor and his father were most surprised to hear the conversation. Because no man has ever touched her chastity. So how is she pregnant! The lips are very scared. The doctor left and the elusive went to his father and sobbed and cried.

Why are you crying?

Dad you believe me I've never done anything bad to anyone. I can't even go out of the room without you. Dad, you're making me feel bad, aren't you? Dad, don't cry. I can't stand your crying.

- Adhara's father wiped away Adhara's tears and said, 'You know when you were born. Exactly fifteen minutes later, your mother left me and you alone. I married your mother out of love. How many dreams I had of you the day your mother whispered in my ear, 'How happy I was that day when our tea was going to be six feet from the feet. Your mother corrected your name before you were born. Mumtahina Islam is elusive.

But what a cruel irony of fate that your mother left everyone when she went to give birth to you. I couldn't cover your moon face and find a new mother for you. You know, when I see your face at the end of the day's fatigue, I feel a touch of peace in my chest. And how can I stop crying when that moon is crying. And I know it is as sacred as my elusive flower. You don't have to worry, mother.

- Elusive heard his father's words and went to the room. The call to prayer is being made. He hastened to perform ablution and said in the munajat, 'O God, you know that I am as innocent as a flower, but why all this is happening to me. Why am I pregnant today. Get me out of this, I can't. What should I cover this stigma? I don't have the jochana like the moon. There is no vastness like the sea. One by one, three husbands died in the middle of the night. I don't want anyone else to come into my life. Oh God, I cry so much to you, do you not hear my call? Saying all this, Jainamayei fell asleep crying.

Elusive lost in the middle of sleep in another world. Flower ceremony on all four sides. Lots of upscale houses. Every house is built of gold bricks. It seems that he has come to a dream city. Suddenly, who knows, he said from the side, 'Welcome, princess. We are all waiting to receive you.

The girls are looking at them with such beautiful elusive surprise. Welcome to everyone. He had never seen any flower in his life except roses. Everything seemed like a dream to him.

Meanwhile, the elusive was made to stand in front of a house. The house looks very beautiful. The house is made in a perfect way with diamonds. Suddenly a handsome man came out of the hall and the sound of breaking the glass woke him up.

He looked elusive and fell asleep in Jainamaya. The glass on the table fell to the floor and fell to pieces. The cat is running by. Yet it is as if the depths of the lips are not cutting. After staying like this for a while, he sat down in the room and started writing his favorite diary.

The maid came and took away the pieces of glass.

It took a few months to see. The physical condition of the lips is getting worse day by day. Adhara's father decided to abort his daughter. Not with Bangladesh but with Switzerland. They have a multi-billion dollar business in Switzerland. In that respect.

- The elusive did not agree to abortion at first, but later could not talk about his father.

- Meanwhile, two days later, Mr. Nyan talks to Alina, the greatest gynecologist in Switzerland, about the elusive. Elena gives a few tests. Understands the symptoms of the lips.

- Also asked to do ultrasonography.

- After doing all the elusive tests and ultrasonography, when he returned home, he locked the door of the room and started crying. She doesn't even know why she is crying.

Meanwhile, Eleanor's phone rang the next day. As soon as he receives Alina's phone, he asks Mr. Nian to come to his chamber.

- Mr. Nian arrives at Alina an hour later. Seeing Mr. Nian, Alina said anxiously, 'Mr. Nyan, I have never read such a critical case in my life! I can't think if I'm dreaming.

Your daughter's ultrasonography report I did in four different ways every time the same report came.

- The doctor said please. Why are you sweating like this?

- Dr. Alina passed the ultrasonography report to Mr. Nian and said, 'You see, no man is growing in your daughter's womb. A growing snake!

- Doctor, are you saying everything?

- Yes, I'm telling the truth! I couldn't sleep all night because of this. How possible snake in human womb!

- Doctor, please get the snake out of the abdomen of the lips anyway!

- Mr. Nyan is scared

Snake in your daughter's womb once more '' '

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1 year ago
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