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Angry Girl

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1 year ago

Today is the first day of college, coming to this new college with a transmission from another college, coming out of the black past life and starting a new life, so as not to get involved in any new trouble, so to move to this new place,

I entered the college through the gate, I don't know anyone, no one is looking at me, do you have to look ..? My clothes are not good, I look very famous, I started walking in front,

Suddenly he bumped into someone, and as soon as he got up, the little man's baby couldn't see his eyes, and he slapped his face.

I can't see either, so you can't see either ..?

Girl, this little kid is so quiet ..! How dare you push me.? How do you know my father ..?

I, did I push on purpose or ..?

The girl, a very quiet little boy, knows boys like you very well, she wants to fall in love with girls whenever she sees them ...? The girl growled angrily and left,

Did I do it on purpose or not ..? I just died, what else to do, I started looking for my class,

Kiri Manha will not go to class ..? Why are you keeping your face like that owl ..?

Manaha, hey, where do all the little people come from, and after stumbling on them,

Manhar's girlfriend Tisha, who are you talking about ..? The boy I slapped a while ago ..?

Manha, yes

Tisha, you've got it right, don't look at the famous one, the clothes aren't right, the head has been crushed by the shell,

Tisha, all right, let's go to class now,

Manha, and his girlfriends go to class together, after a while sir goes to class, on the other hand Mahfuz finds the class with great difficulty, seeing that sir has started taking classes,

Goes to class with permission from sir,

No one is looking for Mahfuz's clothes without looking good, after sitting on the last bench,

Sir, let me introduce you to a new classmate, he will be with you from now on, then he calls Mahfuz, Mahfuz stands next to Sir, your new classmate Mahfuz Mahmud, very good student, I finished the introductory session and sat on the bench again,

Meanwhile, Manha says, what does Kiri Tisha do in our class ..?

Tisha, don't listen, sir said you will study with us from now on, I mean our classmate,

Manha, I have heard that, but if a famous person like him is in this class, the class will be over.

Tisha, well I'll find out from that celebrity, take a class now,

Manha, yes

Sir, I left the class, I left the class like myself, no one has come to make friends yet, why should he come, who wants to make friends with such a famous person ..? I was thinking these things, then a boy came running, alas I am Tahsin ..?

Mahfuz, I am Mahfuz,

Tahsin, can we be friends ..?

Mahfuz, yes of course, (I was a little surprised, because he befriended me)

Tahsin, where is your home ..?

Mahfuz, this is my house in front, yours ..?

Tahsin, my house is in front of the cinema hall, what else have you started saying ..? You can never say in the middle of friendship, you don't know that ..?

Mahfuz, yes I know,

Tahsin, so from now on you will say, well give me your phone number ..?

Mahfuz, I gave the phone number, then the two of us started talking and walking together, I saw Manha and his girlfriends sitting in the distance, I saw them and started bowing my head,

At that moment, someone called out,

Come to this famous place ...!

Mahfuz, I looked and saw Manha calling, I bowed my head and went to them, G is calling me ..?

Manha, yes, how many other famous people are there in this college besides you, that I will call them ..? He used to tell me one thing, I can't think of anything, how did you get admission in this famous college like you ..?

Tahsin, manha you can't do this to everyone,

Manha, Baba Ray ..! I see you have become the Robinhood of the poor ..! Suddenly you are talking on behalf of his celebrity, will I arrange to get you out of college ..?

Tahsin, hearing Manhar's words, fell silent,

Manha, who is famous this time ..? How did you get admission in this famous college like you ..?

Mahfuz, I am silent, I could answer the girl's words if I wanted to, but I have changed myself, otherwise everyone will be afraid to speak when they see my real face,

Tisha, what will Manha say ..? Does he have any qualifications to study in this college, it seems that he has taken admission holding hands and feet of sirs,

Manha, ha ha ha you are right Tisha, and that famous person has nothing to say about your taste or not ..? Is it later, the shirt looks like you are begging from someone, if you can't afford it, tell me how much money I will donate, everyone laughs,

Mahfuz, what's wrong with them, it really looks like the whole celebrity, the shirt that is on is also dirty,

Mahfuz leaves from there, they insult Mahfuz a lot, but Mahfuz says in his mind that your money is so arrogant ..? Hey, the clothes you are wearing are not worn by my housemaid either

Tahsin, don't mind ..! Manha is like this, her father is the MP of this area, this college is run according to their words, so Manha does everything by showing the power of her father, Sir Rao says something for fear of leaving the job,

Mahfuz, hey, no problem, then he said goodbye to Sajjad and went home, went home and

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Written by   1
1 year ago
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I like your story very much. I learned a lot after reading the story. I hope you will go through the story in this way

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1 year ago

Story is so funny for angry girls .I choose it so much .well come bro

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1 year ago

Thanks guys

$ 0.00
1 year ago