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Which one do you prefer, BTC or BCH?

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9 months ago

After reading various articles that discuss bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH), I have come to understand a little about this, although of course I still have a lot to learn. This is normal as a newcomer.

Technological developments present a variety of digital asset innovations, including cryptocurrencies.

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In 2009, BTC was created by Satosi Nakamoto, who turns out to be a mysterious figure to this day. And I hope it will remain mysterious. Isn't mystery sometimes exciting?

Satoshi Nakamoto initially hoped that BTC could become a digital asset that is used for everyday transactions. It's just that, years later, BTC users prefer to use it for investment assets rather than transactions. This is considering the limited supply of BTC, only 21 million pieces (source:

BTC is one of the most prominent figures in the crypto world. BTC is the first decentralized crypto asset. Like other currencies, Bitcoin circulation is also limited by a computer system that verifies every Bitcoin transaction.

But from the start, the BTC blockchain network was not able to handle the number of transactions per second that could rival payment systems.

This issue was especially urgent in 2017, when the number of transactions skyrocketed and BTC transaction fees swelled, causing a hard fork.

There are several Bitcoin forks, but none are as widely used or well-known as Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

BCH is a crypto asset that appeared in the hard fork on blockchain in 2017, until finally development continued in the Bitcoin system and finally Bitcoin Cash (BCH)'s brother emerged.

However, please note, BTC and BCH have the same ambition and goal, which is to become a digital currency that is accepted worldwide.

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The next question is, which one is better, BTH or BCH?

Again from various sources, I can say that for now, BCH has advantages for block size, transaction fees and speed. However, the Bitcoin network is much more secure because it has has rate. 

As you know, the BTC block size is limited to just 1 MB. This makes BTC difficult to use for larger transactions. BCH is the solution for that. BCH has a block size of up to 8 MB, so it can be used for larger transactions. With this size, BCH can make transactions with large sizes and faster than BTC.

This is the main advantage of BCH is that it is cheaper and faster to use. This is because it is more scalable, meaning more people can transact on the blockchain at any time.

For trading, BCH has significantly fewer trading pairs than BTC, making it less tradable than Bitcoin. All these disadvantages serve to make the adoption rate and price of BCH much lower than BTC.

However, most of the talking points used to compare these two cryptocurrencies network cryptocurrency has been around.

It is likely that if BCH becomes more popular, BCH will experience the same scalability problems as BTC and lead to higher transaction fees.

It is also possible for BCH to reach transaction numbers similar to or even greater than BTC.

From the various analyzes above from my reading, from various sources related to BTC and BTH, is it BTC or BCH? It all depends on the assessment of each, according to needs with pluses and minuses.

But what is certain is that BTC and BCH are the same, have the same ambitions and goals, as Satoshi Nakamoto's dream was to create a currency to minimize suffering in the financial world so that everyone has the right to a freer and less miserable life.

That is all and thank you..

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9 months ago
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