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Types of students in a University

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May 13, 2022

Hello, my family! I hope you are doing good. Most of you have experienced university life. This phase of life is very interesting in an individual career and even reflects in personality. University life is full of fun, yet so hectic. we struggle to maintain our GPA in the semester system plus we want to enjoy university life fully. I remember at the end of every semester I used to promise myself I am goanna to study from the start of the next semester. But These types of promises are just promises (haha). The article is about the type of students we all experienced during our university time.

so let's get started!

1. Theta

This is the most common terminology used in class. It refers to a student who is very good at studies, always acquires a top GPA, and is a bookworm. A theta study on daily basis, he makes notes, and later on, the whole class borrows those notes. This type of student is the favorite of not only the teachers but the whole class.

  1. The backbenchers

This is the most chilled group in the classroom. They create a home-like environment on their Seats. They use to sit at the back benches, where they eat, play games, and make videos, some of them may remain backbencher to take a nap during lecture.

  1. Broken heart

They are the ones who had broken hearts, they are dishearted lovers. They post sad poems for their ex. They share their sad stories and stuff. They want sympathy from everyone.

  1. The chaser one

This type of student has a crush on every other opposite gender. They are found in almost every other opposite gender inbox. They offer them lunch, teas, and coffees just to gain their attention.

  1. Burgers

They are found mostly in private universities. They belong to the allied class. Most of them are like advertising models. They don't feel good without faking a british/American accent. They can't bear hot weather. They want AC everywhere. They are mummy daddy type and love to flex their parents wealth.

6. The Don

They are the most active students in terms of any bad situation..they are on the frontline in fighting and strikes.

  1. A foodie

These types of students only come to university for eating. They are found in cafes after every lecture. They eat in such a way that never had been any food before.

8. The spoon

This terminology is used for a student who always wants to be in favorite of teachers. They praise teachers even for the qualities that are absent in them because they want their sympathy in terms of good result.

  1. The motivational speaker

These type of students are the one who always motivates other to study. They want others to recognize potential in them and positively use them. but their motivational lectures work. Only for others, not for them.

10. Absentee

These types of pupils always face short attendance every semester. They don’t want to come to the university on daily basis. They need vacation every time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Disclaimer! This article isn't targeting any university, gender, class,s or country. This is just for fun. You might disagree with me.

(lead image; inside view of my university's Library).

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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I was a backbencher and an absentee during my college life then Became a foodie in university life.

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1 month ago

& i was theta🤣 in my school and college life and become foodie in university life

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1 month ago

What a transition 😂

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1 month ago


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1 month ago