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Sudden plan: way more beautiful than planned ones ( A visit to Muzafarabad)

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April 23, 2022

The confluence of two rivers (Neelam & Jhelum), a city where Saudis Funded University ( King Abdullah campus) is located, the country's wettest area, water falling from cliffs and hub of bridges. I am short of words to explain the charm of this place. This is Muzafarabad, Pakistan.

Sudden plans are way more beautiful than the planned ones, we all planned visits/trips to different places, but these planning are mostly ruined in a brown household. haha.

On April 10th, 2022, my aunt said; let's go to Muzafarabad as our after a point. We all were very excited to see the city because we never had been there before. the whole way towards Muzafarabad we enjoyed it alot. River running along the side of the road and huge mountains look amazing. The sound of water falling from tall mountains and then crossing the stones is soothing. There is also a tunnel. The whole city is full of beautiful bridges to cross the river and are a source of connection between mountains. whenever you visit such an area, your inner compels you to think about the creator of this universe, who made everything perfect and on point (Subhan Allah).

Saudi Arabia also built a sub-campus of Saudia university in Muzafarabad. Buildings of all departments are a symbol of a great sense of architecture. students from all over the city came to fulfill their thirst for knowledge.

King Abdullah University

I thought the weather would be cold/normal over there. But, it was too hot. we reached our destination at about 6'o clock and ordered food for after. After we offered Maghrib prayer and moved towards the restaurant. we had dinner over there. On our way back home, we saw a group of youngsters enjoying the river. This is yet so cool but dangerous too. this river took the lives of hundreds of people. If you ever visit such a place, keep a safe distance from the river bank.

I saw at some points, that the river was full of garbage. people came here to enjoy the view and throw the garbage in the river, this is immoral. it is our moral duty to keep our places and our country neat.

This was memorable Aftar of Ramzan 2022.

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Written by   23
2 months ago
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