Struggling with messed up sleeping schedule

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May 18, 2022

My sleeping schedule is totally messed up. I need to fix it now. If you want to fix anything in your life, you need a plan. Before going for any task, i prefer to make a proper schedule for it and it helps me easy going.

My sister is complaining about my abrupt sleeping routine nowadays. She is a university-going girl, and she has to sleep early in the night and get up right after Fajar and I am in the resting phase these days. I sleep late at the night, sometimes 3'O clock, and get up in the afternoon. I spent my night watching Tv details and reading novels but as we are sharing a room, she isn't comfortable with my sleeping habits. so I thought I should change, after all, she is the youngest sibling and we all love her a lot, I think I shouldn't tease her more, if I continue, the after-effects will not be good (haha).

So, I made a plan, I thought I should share with you how I am going to normalize my sleeping routine.

I will sleep early in the night like around 1'O clock ( obviously I need time to sleep around 11'o clock, it's not easy to change my schedule all of sudden, I planned I will try to sleep at 12'O clock from next week and then 11'o clock next to next, same with morning routine). Then I'll wake up at fajr prayer time, will offer prayer and recite Quran Pak and again sleep till 10'o clock (it's my goal to gradually push my waking time to 8'O clock). then I'll take a quick shower, then set my room and do my breakfast ( I've v a bad habit of skipping breakfast, now I am going to change it in Sha Allah). after having breakfast I'll clean my feet and hands nails deeply. (it's my routine, I am the type of person who observes how neat your feet' nails are, and cares a lot about my feet' hygiene). then I'll help my mom with house chores and do my lunch. right after Zuhr's prayer, I'll go for a quick nap. I have planned, I am going to complete my pending tasks as early as possible and try to do it in the daytime (between zuhr and asar). from asr to maghrib will spend time solely with my family. and isha onwards I will write some new stuff for reading. cash and will have my dinner plus I will play some time with my pet cat and ludo with my sister. I am fond of watching Turkish dramas and some Pakistani dramas too. I'll watch my routine dramas too and then will sleep around 1'O clock.

Suggest to me how I can improve my sleep schedule more. I hope you liked reading this article. stay happy and blessed.

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You should finish all your work before eleven o'clock at night because watching TV late at night or any other work will make you tired. You sleep too late at night so you don't wake up during Fajr prayers like your sister. It is difficult to change the sleep schedule because we are used to it. Get in the habit of going to bed early at night if you want to wake up early in the morning. I just like Turkish dramas!

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2 years ago

I am trying to fix it. Thank you for kind suggestions, i'll try to implement on your advicešŸ„°

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