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One of the Life-changing Moment.

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7 months ago

My philosophy about death was different. if I talk about how I used to think before 2019 was totally different. Being a Muslim, I had a strong belief that one day I will return to the eternal world, but my belief wasn't as strong as it is now. I used to hear about the death of people nearby, but I never thought about myself. There was an incident that changed my way of thinking. I started trying to quit my bad habits, although, bad habits can't be forgotten early, and still I started trying it.

Then COVID 19 pandemic arrived, which shivered my soul. The news of people dying every day, frightened me a lot. Just like the whole world, I also cut off myself from the outside world. My whole family started staying at home. At that time I thought the world is going to an end and we will not go back to normal life again. That time was a time-changing moment for me. I lost my grandma, I was very closed to her. I saw her feeling ill day by day. She was very closed to Allah Pak. I learned lots of things from her. may Allah Pak bless her with the highest rank in Jannah. Amin sumamin.

It was October 2020, and I was much busy and worried about my exams. I thought I should take a break, I opened my phone and saw one of my juniors updated a link on WhatsApp. Normally, I don't open that kind of links, but at that time I wasin need of relaxation, I opened the link, I saw a girl was sharing her story, that is how she started her journey toward Islam. I can't describe in words, how I was feeling at that moment. in the video she mentioned a team, named a "Youth Club" (YC). I started searching about that page. I opened their youtube channel and started watching their videos. their way of telling about Islam, answering questions, and their random talk about Islam inspired me a lot. The whole night I heard their lecture in complete silence. Every lecture felt like was just delivered to me. I forgot about the stress.

That link changed my way of thinking. I used to listen to songs while going to university and back home. I shifted my thoughts from songs to nasheed and nats... Then the world came back to a normal routine after the pandemic was over. The same occurred with me, I am a human, not an angel, I forgot the lessons learned about the reality of life and I am ashamed of it now. I hops Allah will accept my repentance.

I am sharing this story not to get fame or anything else. I am not flexing myself. But still sharing with a purpose may be my words touch someone's heart and change his/her life. maybe someone's prayers get acceptance for me.

If you want to know Allah Pak, islam, Quran and this world in a real sense, the Youth club is the best place for you.

May Allah Accept us for Islam. and forgive us for our sins. Amin

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Written by   25
7 months ago
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