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May 22, 2022

I had not posted any article today and its already 1:25 am. I am having a headache and unable to think more ( i am not good at content writing, I spend hours just to think the topic), So I thought I should post something on a light note, a topic that doesn't require much energy. so here is a series of questions which I am going to choose.

  • Tea or coffee

I am neither a tea nor a coffee person. I had my last cup of coffee on Eid day 3rd and it's been 3 months since I had my last cup of tea. I am a water person, I like juices, cold drinks and above all water. I can nott walk even without a bottle of water. sometimes I feel like I am a camel, who drinks lots of water or a fish, who can't survive without water.

  • Short shirts or long shirts

I am a big lover of short shirts. I hardly wore long shirts even when they were trending. I don't want any of my shirts to have a length more than knee length.

  • Hair bun or open hair

I am skinny and my face is round, so I feel like a hair bun does not suit me that much, so I prefer to let my hair free whenever I have to go somewhere or I have to click pictures.

  • Contact lense or glasses

I have bad eyesight, but I don't wear glasses ( only wear them when I am working on a laptop or watching TV). I want to use a contact lens, but my father doesn't allow me.

  • Spicy food or non-spicy

I don't like spicy food, I can't bear even a minor quantity of spices in my food.

  • Vegetables or mutton/chicken/fish

I don't like Vegetables except for potatoes, I only eat Vegetables cooked in chicken/beef/mutton. I love to eat fish., especially during winter fish is my 80% food proportion.

  • Long hair or short hair

I don't like long hair, but my hair grows so fast. I go for a haircut after every 2 months, but still, they grow. I like short hair, it is easy to go with them every time.

  • Movie or TV serials

I do watch movies but I prefer to watch TV serials because movies are short and you have to wait even for a year for a 2-3 hours movie.

  • Clothes or food

I am a foodie. I am fond of trying new restaurants and cuisines, I spend my all money on food. I don't like to buy clothes, jewelry or make-up like other girls. I use my all Pocket money on food.

My Yesterday's dinner at McDonald's Isb.
  • Biryani or Pulao

I am a pulao person, I don't like biryani, I eat it but don't limit keas such, because it is mostly full of spices and I don't like spicy food.

  • Phone calls or Text messages

I don't like to talk on phone calls ( except to ny family and friends). I guess Text Messages are a better way of communication. You can respond to them in your free time.

  • Cooking or baking

I don't like both, I am a lazy girl. I just like to lay in bed ( LOL).

  • Girls or boys ( in friend circle)

I am very particular about making friends. and I don't have any boys in my friend circle. I am strongly against the concept that a girl and boy can be friend and my religion even don't permit this. so I have only girls on my friend list.

  • Simple wedding or destination wedding

I am single and enjoying my bachelor's life, even not ready to mingle in the coming 2 - 3 years. I have other goals to accomplish first. getting married isn't my priority at all. well, when I will get married I don't want it to be a destination wedding. I adore having a simple wedding and will like to spend money on Umrah or hajj with my Spouse

I hope you like reading my choices. you right to disagree with any statement. These are my thoughts, your's can be different. Take a very good care of yourself and people around you.

Disclaimer: this article is written by me, you have your liking and disliking and I respect you. This isn't written to target anybody.

(All images captured by me).

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Written by   25
8 months ago
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It looks like we have quite some similar preferences, although there are some food you mentioned which I'm not familiar with

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8 months ago

Glad to know we are sharing same liking & disliking 😊 i guess you are talking about "pulao & buryani" these two are our country's special dishes.

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8 months ago