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A Little bit more about me

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June 09, 2022

Currently, lots of users are complaining that they are not receiving any tips on their articles. Some are saying that the tips are getting lowered day by day. I am facing the same situation. Although, I am consistent in writing, following all the rules and regulations, publishing articles that are written by me, and upvoting others as well. Still tips are getting less day by day and from the last 2 articles i consistently didn't receive any tip from Rusty. However, every day I spend a lot of time thinking about what to write, as this platform become an addiction for most of the users.

Today was a hectic day for me, plus I am out of the station and it's very hot in this city, hot weather made me lethargic and lazy too. After Isha's prayer, I started thinking about the article but didn't find any idea. Meanwhile, I got a notification that @Raheela mentioned me in her article. Sometimes, I feel like my friends are my saviors. It's been the third time I guess, she gave me the idea for another article.

let's stick to the question asked by her!

  • showing up late or standing up

I would go with standing up. I had suffered a lot for showing up late. How can I forget the time , during which I have gone through by constant scolding because of not standing up for my rights and efforts. I guess, its better to stand up rather than showing up late. Infact times show your worth later, as it's showed mine too. But still, I would like to go with Standing up.

  • food stuck in your tooth or something stuck in your eyes

Eyes are a very sensitive part of our body, this question even irritated my eyes. Food stuck in the tooth is way better than something stuck in the eyes.

  • Step on snake or walk in a wasp nest

I am very afraid of both creatures. I am even afraid of snakes or other insects made of plastic. So, I am unable to answer what is better for me.

Send the screenshot to the wrong person or like your crush's elder photo

hahaha, I am laughing hard, ok, let me share a short story! Once we friends were gossiping about the status of our senior, by sending her screenshots to each other, suddenly I send that screenshot to her by mistake. At that time there was no option of "delete for everyone" on WhatsApp. I felt so much embarrassed and thought a lame excuse to cover myself, I saud, I want to know what you want to say in your 3rd text. Hahah. That's why I would go with liking my crush's older photo.

That's all about me. I would like to here about the same questions from @bushurr786 .

Thank you for spending your precious time in reading about my choices.

  • (Disclaimer: This article is written by me. Except the questions being asked by @Raheela )

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Written by   25
7 months ago
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Comments has happened with me once too. It gets so embarrassing and no excuse seems to work at that time.

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7 months ago