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Respect for Women

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There was a bath (bath box) in Madina. In which the dead women were not brought to the dead and they were given a bath. It was said that a woman was brought to the dead woman and said, "it is a woman who is a liar, and she is a liar, and she is a woman who kills her mother." the woman tried a lot, but the hand was not separated. The whole city spread out. Because the matter was strange." The hand of a living woman is sticking to the hand of a dead woman, now what should be separated from it. The dead must also be buried. His relatives will be disturbed separately. The matter reached the city and the city. He advised the jurisprudence. Some gave the opinion that the hand of this living woman should be cut off and separated. Some of the opinions were that the part of the dead woman was sticking to this living woman. Cut off the part. Some should say that the dead can not be dishonored. Some should say that the living woman is cut off.

And will make a disability for the whole life.

The city was convinced of the kawali and the imam malik's appreciation and the understanding of the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). He said, "I can not give any decision in the case of imam malik until I talk to him about it." he said, "the living woman should be cut off and the body of the dead woman should be separated." I understand that the woman who has been accused of the dead woman is demanding her revenge and dance, so that the woman who is accused of the dead woman should be charged with the shariah limit."

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