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The last time I met Sandeep, he looked very dejected. I inquired, "what's the matter with you? You've never been this way. Is something wrong?"

He just receive his S.S.C result and had secured 87%. Instead of being happy, he was depressed. The matter was this-sandeep wanted to pursue a career in interior designing and I must say he is very good at it with his creativity and aesthetic sense.

But his parents wanted him to take Science and trail a career in medicine.

Poor boy, he was caught up between pleasing his parents and following his dreams.

I do not think Sandeep is the only teen who faced such crises. Hundreds of young people will land up making wrong choices about their careers and spend the rest of their lives regretting abou it.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes young people make while selecting their career-parents' choice , physical proximity of the institute , financial problems , ignorance about career, ignorance about ones abilities , etc... and yet career planning is very important because selection of their wrong career leads to unhappiness, discontent and even failure in life.

It is true that many good willed people will give you a lot of advice, "Go for science or you'll do well as doctor, or Engineering is the right thing for you," and so on. But their good will may leave you more confused than before.

Just imagine want to buy nice pair of shoes. Who will choose it for you? Obviously yourself!

You alone know the right colour and style that suit you. Also, it is you who will wear them, so you will choose the pair you are comfortable with. The same goes for your career. It is something that will set the tract for the rest of YOUR LIFE. Then why should you ruin in?

You can succeed I a particular career only if you have the following required for that career.





A Foundations for a successful career

How to select your Career?

Career selection is not done at the spur of the moment, nor in a day or week, you need to spend a few months before you square down on the career you wish to pursue.

You should take into consideration for the following factors before you make your career choice:

  • Set your goal

  • Know yourself ( Personality, Passion, Values, Skills and Aptitude)

  • Analyze the compatibility of your goals with your lifestyle

  • Learn as much as you can about your ideal career

  • Finally , make a career choice.

    First: SET YOUR GOAL

    The most simple formula for success is:


    Successful students have a goal. They know what they would like to do and they put into action their plans to make their dreams come true. Imagining (Visualizing ) your goal is the first step towards achieving it. If you want to be marketing executive you need to have the degree of BBA or MBA.

    Being clear about 'WHAT' you want to achieve is not sufficient , you also need to know the 'WHY'. I mean motivation is the drive that pushed you to achieve your goals in life.

    Some of the common motives that people have are- satisfaction in life, service to society, to earn pots of money, to define one's identity, to gain self respect, or just for the pleasure of it. Spend some time reflecting on your own motives for your career choice.


In order to select a right career for yourself, you need to know about your passion, values, personality traits, skills and aptitudes.

  1. Passion : passion is something you feel strongly about and for which you have boundless enthusiasm. You could be passionate about music, art, sports, fashion , etc... The happiest people are those who find a way to bring their passions into their career.

  2. Values: values are the standard or guiding principles that govern your life. It could be your family, adventure, power, recognition, personal integrity and moral courage, money, concern knowledge and truth, friendship , freedom, and so on.

  3. Personality traits: Taking stock of you personality traits mean being aware of your strength and weaknesses. Bill Gates has becomes the richest man in the world by making optimum use of his strength . You should choose the career that's compatible with and takes advantage of your strengths. Its time to take stock of your strengths. If you find it difficult, ask people who are close to you. Then list down ten of your strengths and also describe the ways in which you use these strengths.

  4. Skills and aptitude : skills are developed by performing tasks over and over again. It could be playing the guitar, acting in a drama, playing basketball, needle work, etc... the career in which you skills are utilized will help you enjoy your work. Aptitude is something for which you have natural talent or something that comes easily.


In order to select a career you will be happy with, you should have some knowledge of the many jobs available. The thousand odd jobs that are available can be recognized into 12 interest groups. Given below is a basic sketch of these interest groups. You will need to do further research before you are able to pin down your particular career.

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