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Interrelationship among Problem Solving, Creativity and Transfer of Learning

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Transfer of learning, problem solving and creativity are all important in cognitive learning of a students. During problem solving, creativity and transfer of learning interplay in the process. Problem solving is a complex process that involves overlapping of some thinking skills. It initially starts from identifying the problem /potential problems, then defining the goals, exploring the possible strategies, anticipating outcomes and activity and evaluating the actions implemented. But there are barriers in problem solving that may hinders us from solving it so we look for some alternative ways that we call creativity in problem solving. Creativity helps us to become innovative and imaginative. It also encourages self-expression, a way to create something from personal feelings and experiences. However, when we make creativity a habit, we continue to learn resourceful ways of solving problems in our artwork, and in life. The learnings that we gain can be used to new problems by transfer learning. Transfer of learning is the ability to use or apply what have learned in new situations thereby ‘transferring’ knowledge. The main purpose of any learning or education is that a person who acquires some knowledge or skill in a formal and controlled situation like a classroom, or a training situation, will be able to transfer such knowledge and skill to real life situations and adapt to it effectively. And the essence of transfer and creativity is to move 'something' from one mental set to another mental set, in order to reach a goal or solve a problem that's why they're interrelated with each other.

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