Lads NFT Relaunch.

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1 year ago

Change is good, isn’t it? And when change makes things easier and includes unlimited fun, it becomes highly anticipated.

That being said, we are excited to announce that over the past few weeks, our team has been working on improving the road map, and we are also relaunching our website. The new website will be easier to navigate for our holders, and it will also offer the following:

● Continuation of minting

● The staking will be offered on the same website

● Addition of liquidity pool staking, token staking.

We would also like to mention that during the website's relaunch, the reward rate had been set to 5 Lads per day; however, after 24 hours, it will be changed to 1.5 Lads per day for an NFT staked. For the upcoming 20 years and more, the reward rate will gradually change to sustain the longetivity of this project. Moreover, GameFi will also be brought to the SmartBCH ecosystem soon enough.

Our holders are anxious and waiting to know which LADs will be staked. To answer the much-anticipated question, we would like to say that the forgotten LADs will be staked, and the Present LADs will be utilized as a ticket-free pass for holders for the upcoming projects.

If you are new to our world, the good news is that the price of minting will be the same as we believe in a fair and equal system.




Stay tuned!

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Good job nice article

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1 year ago

Indeed change bring improvement,I listened that LAD NFTs relaunched, hope so now your project will get success best of luck to you ✨

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1 year ago