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Polli khobi jasimuddin

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2 years ago

Jasim Uddin is the famous poet from Bangladesh, especially for his dedication to write poems about the folklore culture. He is the only poet from the country whose poems depicts the beauty of the villages and people of villages. The house of our beloved poet is situated by the river “Kumar”. The river itself is an enchanting for its beauty and environment. Inside the house premise, you’ll find the grave of the poet (actually a family grave for poet’s family).

To enter inside the house premise, you’ll require 5 taka per person. Inside the premise, you can see some used objects of the poet, for example camera, plates, bed, chair, some photos etc. You’ll find lots of quotes from the poet (some from speech, some from poem, and some from story). You’ll love to read those from there. Especially the ones those were at your text book during your childhood education.

At the outside of the house premise, it’s a nice picnic spot. Lots of visitors used to come to this place to pass the afternoon. The river, and the field beside the river is lovely for enjoying the beauty of the sunset. The large field beside the river is now a playing ground for the local people. They used to pass their afternoon using playing football or other local plays there. It’s also a lovely scene where kids are playing. For visitors, there are benches to sit, under sheds.

During the 1st January to 18th January, there used to be a Mela (Fair) at this ground by the name of the Poet. But the Mela unofficially used to extend for another 2 days. So the total duration is 20 days.

How to go

After reaching in Faridpur District, take any local transports to visit that place.

How To Reach: Faridpur District

It would take around 3 hours and 52 minutes to travel Faridpur from Dhaka city via Tongi and Baipayl (বাইপাইল) through crossing the river. The distance is around 138.1 km. Air distance from Dhaka to Faridpur is 56 km.


Rakhali (1927)

Nakshi Kanthar Maath (1929)

Baluchor (1930)


Sojan Badiyar Ghat (1934)

Hashu (1938)

Rupobati (1946)

Matir Kanna (1951)

Sakina (1959)

Suchayani (1961)

Bhayabaha Sei Dingulite (1972)

Ma je Jononi Kande(1963)

Holud Boroni (1966)

Jole Lekhon (1969)

Padma Nadir Deshe (1969)

Beder Meye (1951)

Kafoner Michil (1978)


Dumokho Chand Pahari (1987)


Padmapar (1950)

Beder Meye (1951)

Modhumala (1951)

Pallibodhu (1956)

Gramer Maya (1959)

Ogo Pushpodhonu (1968)

Asman Shingho (1968)


Boba Kahini (1964)


Jader Dekhachi (1951)

Thakur Barir Anginay (1961)

Jibonkotha (1964)

Smritipot (1964)

Smaraner Sarani Bahi (1978)


Chole Musafir (1952)

Holde Porir Deshe (1967)

Je Deshe Manush Boro (1968)

Germanir Shahare Bandare (1975)

Music books

Rangila Nayer Majhi (1935)

Padmapar (1950)

Gangerpar (1964)

Jari Gan (1968)

Murshidi Gan (1977)

Rakhali Gan



Dalim Kumar (1986)

Bangalir Hasir Galpa Part 1 (1960) and part 2 (1964)

Song titles

Amar sonar moyna pakhi

Amar golar har khule ne

Amar har kala korlam re

Amay bhashaili re

Amay eto raate

Kemon tomar mata pita

Nodir kul nai kinar nai

O bondhu rongila

Rangila nayer majhi

Nishte Jaio Phul bane, O Bhomora

O bajan Chal jai mathe langol baite

Prano shokhi re oi shone kodombo tole

O amar dorodi age janle

Bashari Amar Harai Giache

Balu Charer Meya

Badol Bashi Ore Bandhu

Ganger Kulre Gelo Bhangia

O Tui Jare Aghat Hanlire Mone

O Amar Gahin Ganer Naya

Amar Bandhu Binodia[6]

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Written by   5
2 years ago
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